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Goal Post #1

posted May 3, 2011, 9:00 AM by Jim Magrogan   [ updated May 3, 2011, 9:14 AM ]
Vol. 2 # 1, 2011
The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters
Happy New Year
We did it. Another season of rip-snorting action kicked off last Thursday. The fields may not have been exactly sub-drenched but neither were they windswept. Meteorologically in April in Reno that is not such a terrible outcome although the results were a terrible outcome for four teams. If you rewind to last year, we were actually forced to postpone the equivalent match day. Not so much due to torrential rain but rather torrential irrigation systems that seem to sprinkle merrily even when nature is taking care of business. This year county budget cuts seem to have delayed the activation of excessive watering at least for now.

Honey, I Shrunk the Shirts

Pacing the touchlines at the scrimmages and glancing over (3 too many times) during last week’s games it did become apparent to me that I must have put the washer on the hot cycle when I slavishly laundered all the jerseys last fall. Curiously all jerseys, especially those the guys were wearing, seemed to have shrunk considerably. My washer cycle has a lot of choices but could I really have selected the “shrink the guy’s jerseys” option?

Maybe as the season on progresses they will loosen up – the shirts and maybe even the guys.

The Football Results:

Last week’s results (below) tempt me into premature punditry but an inner voice tells me it is still a wee bit soon to predict the outcome – pregnancy, injury, vacations and work crises could all make a mockery of my prophetic capabilities. I will wait another week…


Results - April 21st

Lift ‘n Pints 3 v 1Red Hot Chili Peppers

Wright Stuff 1 v 2 Mt Rose Chuters

Blue Mooners 6 v 3 Chaingang

Pink Panthers 4 v 1 AARP


Games - April 28th

Lift ‘n Pints v Wright Stuff NV 2

Red Hot Chili Peppers v Mt Rose Chuters NV 3

Blue Mooners v Pink Panthers NV1

Chaingang v AARP RENO HIGH