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Goal Post #15 and #16

posted Aug 25, 2010, 2:21 PM by Jim Magrogan

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With two thrilling weeks of quarter and semi finals in the record books the championship game has been set. The resurgent Blue Mooners will face off against the very resurgent Pink Panthers in what promises to be a bone crunching goal fest. As always seems to be the case, the knockout stages have not been without their controversy. Judging by the anonymously sent gift basket of Iowan eggs I received yesterday I have found another way to make myself unpopular. In addition to scheduling games in April and reffing, I now know not to allocate substitutes. Although for the final week I am flying my cousin Wayne in from the UK to guest for the Blue Mooners.


Seriously, on the topic of sub players – this is a lose-lose situation for the assignor. Not only can you not please all the people all of the time you are guaranteed to please nobody none of the time. Despite the flack I have taken on the topic I stand by my decisions and if anyone is interested I believe I can present a strong defense – well, at least one better than my goal tending. It should also be said that all is not what it appears to be, there are many factors that make what appear to be simple decisions a wee bit more complicated.


Now it is a case of what is done is done, there is no use in crying over the spilt milk that has now flowed under the proverbial bridge. Next season will see some changes in how the substitutes are managed and how the play offs are set up. These changes will help minimize the issues that have emerged (again). I may even act unilaterally. It is definitely time for some new approaches and I regret not imposing some proposed changes before the season began. Oh well, hindsight is 20-20.


Save some goals, but save this date – September 12th - End of Season Party

The winner of the Dunning Cup may not be determined yet, but I'm sure the ultimate victor’s will remind you who won it at the Post Season Bash.  Enjoy some jovial bantering about this season’s high and lowlights at the RSCSL end-season party, this year generously hosted by the Wright Stuff’s Dean Kasparian.

Besides great friends, there will be beer (kegs from our sponsor Buckbean and Great Basin), food, swimming, and games for the entire family including the best beer pong table in all of Nevada .

Please bring a dish to share.  A BBQ will be available to grill on if needed.

When - Sunday September 12th from 2 pm till 7 pm

Where - Dean Kasparian’s house: 3465 Kinney Ln , Reno , NV 89511


Indoor Soccer at Home Field Athletics

Masters Coed Indoor – projected start Thursday, September 9th. Many of you will likely already have a team but if you are without one, get in touch with me at and I will help find you a team. Age – men over 33, women over 25.


Currently, over 40 “men’s” indoor pick up is being played on Tuesdays at 6pm and Wednesdays at 7:30pm. Contact me for more details. A new league will also begin in September.


Men’s Over 33 League on Monday nights will likely also begin in September. Contact me again for more details. I might be able to help you find a team or find players if you are forming a team.


The Weeks That Were:


August 12th  The Quarter Finals     

            Wright Stuff 4 vs. 2 Chaingang

            Mt Rose Chuters 0 vs. 4 Blue Mooners

            Lift ‘n Pints 6 vs. 3 AARP

            Red Hot Tamales 3 vs.3 Pink Panthers (Panthers won shoot out)


August 19th  The Semi Finals  

            SF Wright Stuff 2 vs. 5 Pink Panthers

            SF Lift ‘n Pints 2 vs. 2 Blue Mooners (Blue Mooners won shootout)

            Chaingang 1 vs. 1 AARP

            Mt Rose Chuters 6 vs. 5 Red Hot Tamales


August 26th  

            Championship - Pink Panthers vs. Blue Moon   Lower Field

            Chaingang vs Mt Rose                                       Upper 2

            AARP vs Red Hot Tamales                               Upper 1

            Lift ‘n Pints vs Wright Stuff                               Galena High School