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Goal Post #2

posted May 10, 2010, 8:32 AM by Jim Magrogan   [ updated May 10, 2010, 8:35 AM ]

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

The Weekly Diary of the Reno Soccer Dream


As I drove west on I80 last Wednesday evening an ominous dust cloud hovered over the northern horizon. I began to contemplate another anxious Thursday morning – please not another potential postponement. Bleary eyed on Thursday morning I peeped beyond my blinds to sigh a huge sigh of relief. The skies had cleared. Game(s) were on for sure.


The USA (United States of Acronyms)

Soccer, unlike many sports is not burdened with an endless array of acronyms but its two most famous (OG and PK) were at the forefront of this bright spring evening, especially at the ol’ NV. OG (that is an “own goal” to the uninitiated) were chalked up on all three fields. OGs were followed by OMGs and maybe even some LOLs. Mt Rose skipper Chad Mellison ignited the taste buds of the Red Hot Tamales as he left his GK, Jim Keller, grasping for air with a delicately weighted header. Meanwhile RSCSL debutant Ellen Sturgeon gave the Pink Panthers (henceforth known as the PPs) an unassailable lead as she burst the old onion bag; unfortunately Ellen is on the Blue Mooners’ roster. Over on NV3 an unidentified unfortunate goal scorer (UUGS) helped cement a 3-0 lead for Lift-‘n-Pints but the Wright Stuff showed what they are made of – three goals in the last 10 minutes proved it ain’t over until it’s over. Late goals were also the name of the game down at RHS, as AARP were savoring the promise of the sweet taste of an IPA, the Chaingang in their OJs conjured up a great escape with two late goals shackling the opposition’s 100% record. Now back to NV where potentially pivotal PKs (PPPKs) failed to blunt the referee’s pencils. Two of the league’s most storied giants (PW and KG) stepped up to the spot with the chance to convert. Both failed, with fine goalkeeping by GKs JK and DH succeeding in keeping the scoreboards unchanged. And so it goes, (from SHF by KV), answers on a PC please.


The Week That Was:


            May 6th

            Lift-‘n-Pints 3 v 3 Wright Stuff                                                             

            Red Hot Tamales 1 v 2 Mt Rose Chuters                                   

            Blue Mooners 1 v 3 Pink Panthers                                                                   

            Chaingang 2 v 2 AARP                                                                         


Two ties and two narrow victories prove that the league’s team selection process is not entirely bogus. Everyone has something to show for their efforts.


The Week That Is:


            May 13th

            Lift-n-Pints v Mt. Rose Chuters            NV1               

            Wright Stuff v Blue Mooners                 NV2   

            Pink Panthers v Chaingang                    NV3   

            Red Hot Tamales v AARP                    RHS                     


Game Postponement Policy

Although I am now optimistic that the questionable weather is behind us it is advised that you check your email at 3pm on a game day  just in case a postponement has to be announced.


The Website

This year our website will provide far more answers than the past. You will find schedules, results, stats, standings, news, rosters etc. all posted. We have Peter Wallstrum of the Red Hot Tamales and Jim Magrogan of the Wright Stuff to thank. If you want to get involved with the website, have a chat with them.


Got pictures? We need them for the website. Old ones, new ones, close encounters with great ones send them in to Peter Wallstrum -



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July 17th the San Jose Earthquakes will be hosting the EPL’s Tottenham Hotspur at Buck Shaw Stadium in Santa Clara . If you are interested in a field trip, contact me (again) - Andrew at If there is enough interest, I can arrange for the purchase of discounted tickets.