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Goal Post #5

posted Jun 1, 2010, 8:40 AM by Jim Magrogan

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Neither Rain, Sleet Nor Snow


Week 5

Take it from me – if you want to remain popular do not take up reffing soccer and do not organize a local soccer league in Northern Nevada that begins play before June. Your “degree” of popularity will take a nose dive, trust me. So having taken up the aforementioned pursuits I am seriously reconsidering my plans to run for office which had already been seriously damaged by my suggestion to pay my electricity bill with frozen chickens. Speaking of frozen chickens 8 soccer teams worth of them stepped out onto the soggy pastures of the Truckee Meadows last Thursday to reconvene the mighty struggle for the Dunning Cup. After five weeks of games, three sets of frozen chickens, namely the Red Hot Tamales, Mount Rose Chuters and Lift ‘n Pints are thawing from their winter slumbers more rapidly than others. It is a three frozen chicken race at this point. But with summer trips and drunken world cup stupors beckoning it could all change with one push of the proverbial defrost button. Who knows - AARP might sip from the cup of youth, the Chaingang may become unshackled, the Pink Panthers might uncover a diamond in the rough, the Blue Mooners might show up more than once in a month of Sundays and mission control might get the Wright Stuff back on the right trajectory. An updated (and corrected) table of the top 10 scorers can be found below, it is becoming obvious who is worth their weight in frozen chickens or is that turkeys?


Nicolescu M

Lift ‘n Pints


Reynolds C



Roberti P

Mt Rose





Levy R



Reynolds M



Pagni M



Irra A



Arbogast C

Mt Rose








Grimm K

Blue Moon



The Week That Was:


May 27th

    Lift-n-Pints 6 v 0 Pink Panthers         NV2                           

    Wright Stuff 1 v 3 Red Hot Tamales  NV3                           

    Mt. Rose Chuters 3 v 1 Chaingang    NV1                                       

    Blue Mooners 2 v 0 AARP               Reno HS


The Week That Is:


June 3rd

    Lift-n-Pints v Chaingang                 NV 2                          

    Mt. Rose Chuters v Blue Mooners NV 1                          

    Red Hot Tamales v Pink Panthers   NV3                           

    Wright Stuff v AARP                      Reno HS                     


Game Postponement Policy

Although I am now optimistic that the questionable weather is behind us it is advised that you check your email at 3pm on a game day just in case a postponement has to be announced.


By the way good weather is now defined as anything above 32 degrees Fahrenheit, wind speeds below 50 mph with precipitation of any kind and intensity.


The Website

This year our website will provide far more answers than the past. You will find schedules, results, stats, standings, news, rosters etc. all posted. We have Peter Wallstrum of the Red Hot Tamales and Jim Magrogan of the Wright Stuff to thank. If you want to get involved with the website, have a chat with them.


Got pictures? We need them for the website. Old ones, new ones, close encounters with great ones send them in to Peter Wallstrum -



Did you know there is a men’s over 45 indoor soccer league at Home Field Athletics? For information contact me – Andrew at


World Cup Indoor Tournament

Do you want to enter a team in Home Field Athletics’ World Cup tournament? For information contact me – Andrew at


Kids’ Night Out

Also at Home Field Athletics – Once a month on a Saturday (sometimes more) Home Field hosts “Kids’ Night Out” for 1st through 6th graders. Drop the kids off; go out for dinner and a movie; secure that your kids are safe (or not experimenting with the cat…). Organize a team group and Home Field will make a donation to the team. Call Home Field for details at 851-0770.