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Goalpost 6.3

posted May 25, 2015, 3:40 PM by Robin Novak

The Goalpost

The 11th Season

Vol. 6# 3

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The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

All the News Worth Making Up - Editor-in-Chief: Brian Williams

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April 23rd - Schedule

OBG Stoners vs. Pinot Noir                        North Valley 2

Surgical Strikers vs. Chaingang                        North Valley 1

Bhoys & Ghirls vs. Precision                        South Valley Lower

Cut-to- the-Chase vs. The Young and the Rest of Us            North Valley 3   

Real Studs vs. Game of Throw-Ins                    Eagle Canyon

The Forecast

Temperatures in the mid 60s at kick off but there is the slight possibility of showers, but I am doubtful because the local media have forecast it.

April 16th - Results

OBG Stoners 2 vs. 2 Game of Throw-Ins    

Surgical Strikers 0 vs. 3 The Young and the Rest of Us    

Bhoys & Ghirls 8 vs. 4 Chaingang         

Cut-to-the-Chase 4 vs. 2 Real Studs        

Precision 2 vs. 4 Pinot Noir

There Is No Whining in Soccer – Pinot Noir 4 – 2 Precision

Venturing to the tundra of the far north just south of the Arctic Circle and out of cell phone range, members of Precision and Pinot Noir successfully located the Eagle Canyon fields and even found parking. With Justin Time firmly planted between the sticks and others arriving just in time for kick-off after avoiding a bombardment from hostile local little leaguers (who were actually part of the opening ceremonies) the game actually started. It took a few minutes for the game to ferment as Pinot Noir started out more like a Nouveau Beaujolais with a few fresh grapes just picked from the registration form providing a fresh bouquet of goals, debutants Williams and Lusby (now formerly known as Little & Large and to some older Brits as Toshack & Keegan) stomping over the opposition as if they were table grapes just letting out a little whine. An increasingly well-aged Mike ChamPagni brought some bubble to the affair with a certain “Veuve Cliq-goal” to make it 4 for the Noir. An already injury-ridden Precision fired back with a goal from Mike “it is a wrap” Reynolds, while Armando Palofax actually texted a goal to make it two.

Season 1 (11 or maybe 5) – Game of Throw-Ins 2 – 2 OBG Stoners

Venturing east across the great divide and through the notorious Valley of the Sun one ultimately stumbles upon the great plains known as North Valley Regional Park. Upon these not-so-green and not-so-pleasant fields came plenty of excitement as this season’s plot already unfolded at the pace of an HBO mini-series. Under the guest direction of King Reggie the Razorback, Caitlyn “buy me a vowel” Wrycza staked claim to her throne with two first half goals that left the defending champs a wee bit miffed and their sartorial splendor a little off point. But champions find a way back (unless they are Man City): a late first half goal from Generalisimo Santiago “Stonewall” Esparza paved the way for an early Cinco de Mayo celebration and for new recruit Meghan “McQueen of the Stone Age” Smyth to knot it all up at two apiece, a knot as tight as anything Gordian laced up, leaving all of us eager for another episode. To be continued…

Strikers Get DellaRockered – The Young & the Rest of Us 3 - 0 Surgical Strikers

In the midst of NV1 and NV3 lies NV2. Here in the middle earth of Reno soccer, a tale too amazing to be fiction unfolded. The tattered remains of last year’s Wright Stuff have been transformed into the Young & the Rest of Us. With the vim and vigor of a bathroom cleaner the rejuvenated white stuff performed miraculously, not only winning their opening game but also keeping a cleansheet and securing the first bonus point in RSCSL history. All the painful memories of last season have been bleached into non-existence. Their opponents the Surgical Strikers were left scratching themselves, sorry scratching their heads. Out shooting the TYATROU 37 to 3 the Strikers must simply live up to their name by polishing up their finishing in the fashion of TYATROU’s Jose “Chicharito” Arteaga, who so ably displayed down the other end of the field how it  is done. These are the games of our seasons.

Milligan’s Mulligan – Cut-to-the-Chase 4 – 2 Real Studs

Getting right down to it, Cut-to-the-Chase nailed the Studs with a comfortable win. Notching up goals from all corners of the roster and Europe must be very encouraging for the Machiavellian minds behind this technicolor dark horse of the Reno coed soccer scene. Less encouraging are the aspirations of the goalie come center-forward Mike Milliganese. No longer “the Great Wall of Cork”, Mr. Milliganese has turned his attentions elsewhere i.e. the other end of the field. Though he did manage to find the ol’ onion bag in open play he left the scene of the crime when he blazed a spot-kick some 20 meters wide of the target, protesting that the goalie moved before he had picked his spot. Valiant resistance from the Studs saw them dry-walling the CTTC for long periods and must be surely encouraged by the fact that their heavy artillery, i.e. Ira “Iron” Cross and their national guardian of the galaxy i.e. Kate “plus 8” Heeran have yet to be deployed. Kate is very anxious for a new deployment.

Bhoys & Ghirls Come Out to Play – Bhoys & Ghirls 8 – 4 Chaingang

In the unchartered terrain of South Valleys in April the Bhoys & Ghirls came out to play, netting 8 against the much fancied Chaingang who apparently had misplaced the keys to their shackles. It started as a one-sided affair but as the score line ultimately reveals the “Gang” did eventually find the keys, suggesting that the rematch will be a very different cup-of-tea. Paying full attention to the new goal scoring protocol Scott “Cedric Larson” Morton netted 5 goals, serving notice that he will soon be on paternity leave.


Scott “Cedric Larson” Morton netted 5 in the opening game.


If you have not paid, don’t forget. You can go to the website, find me at the fields, or send a check to RSCSL at 5694 Tappan Dirve, Reno Nv, 89523. My Sicilian cousins are helping me line the fields….


We are a social league. We like to get together after the games (it certainly helps us get over games that maybe got a wee bit chippy). When we are playing at North Valleys, folk gravitate to Archies on North Virginia near UNR, or maybe even next door to the Little Waldorf. Those playing in the south head to Lamppost Pizza near RC Willey. By the second half of the season we are all playing down south, so we all go to Lamppost.