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Goalpost 6.4

posted May 26, 2015, 2:12 PM by Robin Novak

The Goalpost

The 11th Season

Vol. 6# 4

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April 30th – Schedule

OBG Stoners v Chaingang Eagle Canyon

Surgical Strikers v Game of Throw-Ins North Valley 3

Bhoys & Ghirls v The Young and the Rest of Us North Valley 2

Cut to the Chase v Pinot Noir South Valley Lower

Precision v Real Studs North Valley 1

The Forecast

Dry, 70 plus, light winds – pretty gosh darn nice for a game of footie, or as some now say - a game of throw-ins.

April 23rd - Results

OBG Stoners 0 vs. 1 Pinot Noir

Surgical Strikers 0 vs. 4 Chaingang

Bhoys & Ghirls 4 vs. 1 Precision

Cut-to- the-Chase 2 vs. 1 The Young and the Rest of Us

Real Studs 4 vs. 3 Game of Throw-Ins

Homesick Stoners Uncorked by Vintage Pinot Noir Performance

OBG Stoners 0 vs. 1 Pinot Noir

The Stoners huffed and puffed but they could not blow Pinot Noir’s house down; the wall that Chris “mutton chops” Arbogast built proved a formidable barrier for the defending champs. The Stoners, accustomed to the idyllic environs of Reno High are finding that the extended road trip to the distant valleys of the north is taking its toll on their form. More accurately their lack of form is maybe the surprise of the campaign thus far. But perhaps that is doing Pinot Noir an injustice. Cheered vociferously by what can only be described as the lunatic fringe residing on the touchline Pinot Noir are perhaps surprising themselves as much as other teams. A second victory on the trot secured by Lindsay Parks’ 80th minute effort which spent an apparent eternity tickling the goal line before kissing the inside of the far post and ruffling the Stoners’ egos but barely ruffling the net.

Cut-to the-Chase Prescribe Tough Medicine

Cut-to- the-Chase 2 vs. 1 The Young and the Rest of Us

Amid the pleasant banter between Cut-to-the-Chase and officiating crew a soccer game was being played and questions were being asked. Could the Young and the Rest of Us be the second surprise package of the season? Are they to become the Southampton of the RSCSL? Could they resist the Machiavellian machinations of the local medical community? Would Cut-to-the-Chase be the next to be Dellarockered? The answers are – possibly, no, no and no. However, contrary to most punters who CTTC as clear favorites TYATROU were in the game all the way until the edge of night began to broadcast. Squeaking by with a 2-1 victory CTTC are announcing their title ambitions. Squeaking by with a 2-1 defeat TYATROU are planning on writing more of the script this season. To be continued as the season turns.

Strikers Remain Strikeless, Chaingang Find the Keys

Surgical Strikers 0 vs. 4 Chaingang

With one eye on Vegas the Strikers may have been a wee bit goal shy. Combined with some noteable absences including Shawn “Sportsdome” Stimpson and Kiara “Off-the” Wallstrum, the Strikers failed to set the game on fire and by half time the Chaingang had already put them to bed, tucked them in, read them a story and brought them a cup of cocoa. Scoring as many goals as last week and conceding a lot less than last week was just the formula the ‘Gang needed to get their wobbly start behind them and to prepare them for the coming expedition beyond the Arctic Circle to Eagle Canyon.

In a Land Far, Far Away Stud Subs Rule

Real Studs 4 vs. 3 Game of Throw-Ins

A ding-dong ballet upon the wastelands of the far north between pretenders to the throne was fine fare for all three travelling fans of the Real Studs. They did not leave disappointed, not only because there team won but apparently they were all mightily impressed with the quality of subs brought in to cover a “wounded wegular woster”, as Elmer Fudd might say. Treated to a half-time show provided by a stiff breeze and an aluminum goal no one left complaining. Studs’ keeper Peter “what the hell was that?” Krengel compared his carefully choreographed dance of death to the performances of Keaton (that is Buster not Michael) he remembers fondly as a young boy. I cannot let a week go by without mentioning Reggie “Scenic Route” Bolden, although I should because he was not there… having missed the turn off for Eagle Canyon he was last seen heading north on Pyramid highway hoping to get in line for stand-by tickets to Burning Man. On a serious note, the goals at Eagle Canyon will be anchored down this coming week.

A Star is Born

Bhoys & Ghirls 4 vs. 1 Precision

With Scott “Politically Correct” Andrew sidelined with a hang-nail and Scott the Scot detained in the delivery room a panicked Jim “Mr. Relentless” Wilson was forced into emergency action. Using his influence at RTI he pirated a medivac chopper to whisk Scott the Scot to South Valleys shortly after giving birth to his son; an entrance not seen since James Bond delivered another old queen to the London Olympics. Obviously exhausted, Scott the Scot could only conjure two goals this week but that was precisely enough to thwart a struggling Precision, who have yet to discover a winning formula. Both debut at North Valleys this week? Could that trigger a change in fortunes?

Any Volunteers?

An extra couple of hands this Sunday, May 3rd to help line the field at Reno High would turn a chore into a pleasant stroll with friends. I was planning to be there around 3pm. Drop me an email if you can make it.


If you have not paid, don’t forget. You can go to the website, find me at the fields, or send a check to RSCSL at 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno Nv, 89523. My Sicilian cousins are helping me line the fields….


We are a social league. We like to get together after the games (it certainly helps us get over games that maybe got a wee bit chippy). When we are playing at North Valleys, folk gravitate to Archies on North Virginia near UNR, or maybe even next door to the Little Waldorf. Those playing in the south head to Lamppost Pizza near RC Willey. By the second half of the season we are all playing down south, so we all go to Lamppost.