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Goalpost 6.5

posted May 26, 2015, 2:14 PM by Robin Novak

The Goalpost

The 11th Season

Vol. 6# 5

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All the News Worth Making Up - Editor-in-Chief: Brian Williams

Rushed Edition

May 7th - Schedule

OBG Stoners v Real Studs Reno High

Surgical Strikers v Pinot Noir North Valley 3

Bhoys & Ghirls v Game of Throw-Ins SouthValley

Cut to the Chase v Precision North Valley 2

The Young and the Rest of Us v Chaingang North Valley 1

April 30th – Results

OBG Stoners 2 v 4 Chaingang

Surgical Strikers 5 v 2 Game of Throw-Ins

Bhoys & Ghirls 5 v 0 The Young and the Rest of Us

Cut to the Chase 5 v 1 Pinot Noir

Precision 3 v 3 Real Studs

The Forecast

Long john temperatures with possible showers, but the fields will likely be drier than last week. Do not make assumptions about the weather and games being called off. Unless winds exceed 100 mph, with temperatures dipping below 0 degrees Fahrenheit and rain falling at less than 1 inch per hour we play!

Slippery When Wet

Games at the North Valleys water park were a wee bit soggy last week as the RSCSL became the Reno Water Polo Association for the night. I have sent some emails and I have been assured that the sprinklers have been turned off. With man-made disasters now averted, hopefully mother-nature will not intervene.

Victory at Sea

Bhoys & Ghirls 5 v 0 The Young and the Rest of Us

Anchored by Nicolas “Cousteau” McColumbant, the Scottish contingent, feeling right at home in the conditions, set about demolishing the upstart Young and the Wettest of Us. New league member Alison Mc Foltz put two away in her North Valleys debut fir the Buoys and Gils, sorry Bhoys and Ghirls as they cruised to a titanic 5-0 victory.

US Diving Team Scores Big

Surgical Strikers 5 v 2 Game of Throw-Ins

On pool number 3, the Surgical Strikers dipped their big toes into pool to find the temperature quite to their liking; finally beginning their season with an aquatic, sorry emphatic, win over the much fancied Game of Throw-Ins who seemed to be sinking at the deep end. Brock “Steve McQueen” Richter opened the scoring with an optimistic, wind-assisted free kick that left Throw-Ins keeper Henry “El Loco” Pieters with that sinking feeling. Reggie “Always Mentioned” Bolden pegged one back cleaning up a well-struck, well-saved penalty when Cesar Sanchez through him a life line. Reggie phoned a friend and “Bob’s your uncle”, the Throw-Ins were back in business momentarily. From then on it was an upstream battle as the Strikers ripped off their water wings, floated like a butterfly and took to water like a bunch, flock, herd, whatever of ducks.

Unchartered Waters

Precision 3 v 3 Real Studs

On the relative dry land of NV1, Precision cruised to a 3-3 tie with the Studs. With keeper Charlie Daniels back from a rendezvous with Satan somewhere in Dixie, Precision took a different tack by not conceding 4 goals and scoring as many as the opposition…. a rock solid recipe for a tie. With the Studs also sailing in the unchartered waters of an unbeaten streak of one they can now dock in the port of the defending champions with an unbeaten run of two!

Family Affairs

OBG Stoners 2 v 4 Chaingang

Still suffering from travel sickness OBG are no road warriors, despite goals from the Duffy dynasty and its adopted son – Santiago “New York, London, Munich, Paris, Stead, Everybody’s Talking about” Esparza. A hat-trick from the Krueger house-hold , and the rarity of a goal from Gene “the white-tufted eagle scout” Furr kept the Chaingang’s title hopes on track after shakey start to the season. But with theDuffy dynasty returning to home pastures at fortress Reno, the season’s plot will surely thicken just like a gravy boat of Bisto.

Is Pinot Noir Maturing Too Fast?

Cut to the Chase 5 v 1 Pinot Noir

Pinot’s Noir fairy tale beginning came to an abrupt halt as they ran into the emerging juggernaut that is Cut-to-the- Cheese, sorry Chase an unholy alliance between Reno’s finest surgeons, Irish rebels and the remnants of the Hapsburg Empire. Only a last minute spot kick from league debutant Jared “Bucket List” Schindler prevented the already controversial, but much valued bonus point going CTTC way. Schindler’s goal also saved the family name, after Ingrid Mary’s “tricycle” kick trickled wide of the


If you have not paid, don’t forget. You can go to the website, find me at the fields, or send a check to RSCSL at 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno Nv, 89523. My Sicilian cousins are helping me line the fields….


We are a social league. We like to get together after the games (it certainly helps us get over games that maybe got a wee bit chippy). When we are playing at North Valleys, folk gravitate to Archies on North Virginia near UNR, or maybe even next door to the Little Waldorf. Those playing in the south head to Lamppost Pizza near RC Willey. Those playing at Reno High often gather for a post game post mortem at The Truckee River Bar & Grill, a mere stone’s throw from the field. By the second half of the season we are all playing down south, so we all go to Lamppost. The Bhoys & Ghirls this week are encouraging a turn out at Lamppost to “wet” a certain baby’s head.