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Goalpost 6.6

posted May 26, 2015, 2:15 PM by Robin Novak

The Goalpost

The 11th Season

Vol. 6# 6

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May 14th Schedule

OBG Stoners v Precision Reno High

Surgical Strikers v Real Studs North Valley 1

Bhoys & Ghirls v Pinot Noir North Valley 2

Cut to the Chase v Chaingang South Valley Lower

The Young and the Rest of Us v Game of Throw-Ins North Valley 3

May 7th - Results

OBG Stoners 4 v 3 Real Studs

Surgical Strikers 5 v 1 Pinot Noir

Bhoys & Ghirls 10 v 0 Game of Throw-Ins

Cut to the Chase 6 v 1 Precision

The Young and the Rest of Us 1 v 1 Chaingang

The Forecast

Extensive negotiations with DRI and the powers-to-be successfully staved off the threat of rain last week and I have been assured of a repeat performance this week with invigorating conditions in the ascendancy. So as long as the sprinklers do not come on…

Absence Makes the Goal Difference Go Wander

There were a couple of close ones and a few not so close ones. OBG squeaked a late winner over the Studs as Teddy Ruxspin opened his account for the year reviving Fortress Reno’s reputation and OBG’s dynastic ambitions. Down south a Reggie “always mentioned” Bolden-less Game of Throw-Ins threw in the towel as a rampant Scottish hoard took no prisoners with Laurie McHadwick tallying the first female hat-trick of the season; catapulting herself to the giddy heights of the-soon-to-be published scoring charts. Up at the North Valleys wetland reserve the sprinklers may have been shut down but the goal spigot was turned on. Cut to the Chase put 6 by the reduced ranks of Precision but once again squandered the opportunity to gather the now much cherished bonus clean sheet point. The Strikers are also beginning to get their motor running and are heading for the highway, putting 5 past by Pinot Nomoire (?) whose early season promise has gone, shall we say, a little vinegary. Nonetheless, Noir’s Jason “I Scored a Goal” Cole did just that and checked yet another line item off his bucket list. It was a chip, so Jason reports, Rory would have been proud to finish. A hundred or so yards to the northwest the Chaingang kept breaking rocks and finally broke Mike DellaRocker’s stubborn resistance as Gene “the white-tufted eagle scout” Furr poached yet another soft one to negate another rarity; a Nick “Sportsdome” Barainca header. If Furr keeps this up he will have to come off the endangered goal scorer’s list. All square on NV1-1.


If you have not paid, don’t forget. You can go to the website, find me at the fields, or send a check to RSCSL at 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno Nv, 89523. My Sicilian cousins are helping me line the fields….


We are a social league. We like to get together after the games (it certainly helps us get over games that maybe got a wee bit chippy). When we are playing at North Valleys, folk gravitate to Archies on North Virginia near UNR, or maybe even next door to the Little Waldorf. Those playing in the south head to Lamppost Pizza near RC Willey. Those playing at Reno High often gather for a post game post mortem at The Truckee River Bar & Grill, a mere stone’s throw from the field. By the second half of the season we are all playing down south, so we all go to Lamppost.