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Goalpost 6.7

posted May 26, 2015, 2:16 PM by Robin Novak

The Goalpost

This Season Goes Up To Eleven

Vol. 6# 7

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May 14th Results

OBG Stoners 5 v 1 Precision

Surgical Strikers 3 v 0 Real Studs

Bhoys & Ghirls 6 v 1 Pinot Noir

Cut to the Chase 7 v 5 Chaingang

The Young and the Rest of Us 5 v 1 Game of Throw-Ins

May 21st – Schedule

OBG Stoners v The Young and the Rest of Us                    Reno High
Surgical Strikers v Precision                                                 North Valley 2
Bhoys & Ghirls v Real Studs                                                 South Valley Lower               
Cut to the Chase v Game of Throw-Ins                                North Valley 1
Pinot Noir v Chaingang                                                         North Valley 3

The Forecast

Perfect footie weather, again.

As The League Turns

Go away for a couple of days and the space-time continuum gets out of whack. The next thing you know it is 8pm on Wednesday evening and you have not wrote, let alone sent out the Goalpost. Results were pretty emphatic last week in the sultry heat of a May evening in Northern Nevada. As the collective Pinot Noir brain trust put it, they are now done with “Murderer’s Row” and can get back to competing, maybe even winning some games. As we eagerly await the first big showdown of the season between Cut the Cheese, sorry Cut-to-the-Chase, and the Bee Gees, sorry Bhoys & Ghirls, the Surgical Strikers served notice with a clinical 4 point victory over Le Studs (it is that clean sheet bonus point thing) that is really annoying those purist Scots among us. Meanwhile, OBG are gathering their own momentum, although their most recent victory over Precision does warrant an asterisk and maybe even the odd semi-colon; old, slow, fat goalie subbing for opposition*. Much fancied pre-season favorites, Game of Throw-Ins continue to struggle, although always mentioned yet curiously absent Sir Reginald Bolden believes this coming week will be the turning point for the cellar dwellers. A resurgent and well-attended The Young and the Rest of Us are proving to be the surprise package so far, although they seem incapable of remembering who scored all their goals. Having said that, the Chaingang are having no problem recalling their goal scorers and, for that matter, the opposition’s goals too. Despite netting 7 goals last week the Chaingang still managed to lose by two in a 7-5 defeat to the Central Powers, whom we affectionately refer to as Cut to the Cheese, sorry Chase.

Help Wanted

Looking for that big chance to coach in the big leagues? Well, McQueen High School is looking for a JV Girls coach. If you are interested, or know someone who is, contact 11-year RSCSL veteran Tony “the Godfather of Reno Youth Soccer” Filicchia at


If you have not paid, don’t forget. You can go to the website, find me at the fields, or send a check to RSCSL at 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno Nv, 89523. My Sicilian cousins are helping me line the fields….


We are a social league. We like to get together after the games (it certainly helps us get over games that maybe got a wee bit chippy). When we are playing at North Valleys, folk gravitate to Archies on North Virginia near UNR, or maybe even next door to the Little Waldorf. Those playing in the south head to Lamppost Pizza near RC Willey. Those playing at Reno High often gather for a post game post mortem at The Truckee River Bar & Grill, a mere stone’s throw from the field. By the second half of the season we are all playing down south, so we all go to Lamppost.