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Goal Post Vol 3 #10

posted Jun 12, 2012, 11:54 AM by Jim Magrogan

Goal Post

Vol. 3 Notch #10, 2012

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

Obscure Pop Culture References a Specialty

Do Not Go Directly to Goal


Like I said last week there is no telling who is going to take the title this year, although the Chaingang seem to be in cruise control, slipping effortlessly into first place as others stumbled on either side of them. In another week of steep barometric pressure gradients Joe Blow put in a shift on every field, leaving goalkeepers flapping in the wind like Pooh’s undies on a blustery day.


Panthers Brick House Stands Firm Against ‘Canes Blow Job

Along with Joe Blow the ‘Canes huffed and puffed but could not blow the Pink Panther’s house down. Late in the game the mighty Reds could only stand by and admire as Shawn “Spell Check” Moshrefnoory climbed majestically to rock the Casbah, powering the ball home with his noggin past the flailing Jeremy “Geriatric Gerrard” Sumner who had just been press-ganged into keeping duties. Starting keeper, Mark “Tower of Power” Johnson had hobbled off hamstrung only moments earlier, proud of another clean sheet added to the record books.


Great Walls of Fire (or is that Balls?)

Switching to field two, the Chaingang prevailed in another near run thing relying heavily on another miraculous goal keeping performance from Mike “Great Wall of County Cork” Milligan. Ripple after ripple of Six Pack attacks could not penetrate either the Wall of Cork or his partner Chris “Great Wall of York” King who protected the Chaingang’s two goal lead until the dying minutes when galloping Gamble finally put the ball to the wall, so to speak. Despite a hair raising last few minutes the Gang held the Pack, hanging on for a 2-1 win and ascending top spot.



There was a kind of hush all over field 3. With the Bhoys & Ghirls’ Kim “PASS THE BALL” Wilkins on vacation there was a serene silence as coaching clichés were not echoing off Peavine at over 100 decibels. Amidst this peace the game got off to slow start, both teams politely sparring each other until Scott “McKiwi” McAndrew pulled something quite astonishing out of his sporran, winding up to let loose a 50 yard wonder goal that caught the Mooners’ stand in keeper Umid “Amid the Goal Line and the Top of the Box” Tadjiev in no man’s land. The lead was short lived as sub Atomic Dominic Norman the Conqueror took advantage of the B&G’s failure to communicate. Snatching a wayward pass, Norman calmly slotted the ball past Andrew “the Collander” Tolley. The tie was short lived as Scott “can I bum a wee fag of yee” McMorton put the B&Gs back in front for good. Next up was a brace from Colie “McMighty” McManus.” First a blistering near post drive no goalkeeper on the planet would stop was followed by a calmly converted penalty kick. Next in line was Jim “Where’s the McHaggis” McWilson making it a flattering 5-1 lead at half time for the B&Gs. The Mooner’s began the second half with belief; Lucas & Gwinn (sounds like a buddy movie of the constabulary kind) were a constant threat down the flanks. It finally paid off as the “Collander” strained to reach a corner kick that eventually fell for Marian McVlad the Impaler to poke home his weekly tally. Was the comeback on? The answer was no as Ann “the Merciless & Miraculous” McMori soothed the now nervous B&G’s with a powerful half volley even Marco Van McBasten would be proud off. A 6-2 defeat left the Mooners anxiously awaiting next week’s debut of Tony McMattiolli.



The Keg Runs Dry

Down at the Duffy Depot the Pints rolled into town full of confidence, hoping they could pour the pain on OBG’s recent ailments. But it was not to be, with our third one goal game of the week. OBG stood firm to pry a priceless 1-0 victory from the once bubbling pints, propelling themselves back within grasp of the Dunning Cup and qualifying for the CONCACAF COED CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Washoe County pre-qualification round. Their youthful mastermind, Santiago Esparza, firmly believes they can go all the way, “everything is falling into place, when the 45 plus crowd start finding the twine we will be unbeatable” he commented following his 5th postgame Corona.


Standings & Stats

See attachment.

Stats of the week: 5 of total goals scored by known true Celtic fans – 6.50%



League Alumni Klaus Grimm Puts out a Challenge to all you RVPs out There

As you may remember a foolish challenge from myself and gleefully taken up by Shelly Gamble resulted in the biggest, most captivating sporting event of 2011. Not since Seabiscuit took on War Admiral had there been such a spectacle. What began as a mere race turned out to be a big money raiser for local charity. We all know how the story ended but Klaus Grimm wants to write a sequel. Here is his idea. He is willing to donate a dollar for every goal scored this season to the Boys & Girls Club (it is different to the Bhoys & Ghirls team). I am keeping track and of course Klaus is hoping some you out there might choose to make your own contribution  - maybe you match Klaus,  maybe you get people to sponsor your goal scoring efforts, you can give it whatever twist you like but the important thing is the cause. Make your pledge known to me ( and I will keep Klaus in the loop. Last year we wound up raising over $1500. Let’s try to top it in2012. As of 5/25/2012 123 goals scored.


Euro 2012

Last week I included the Euro schedule and this week too. Stay tuned as we put together a scheme to make our foolish predictions or our child like ambitions for our home nation a little more interesting. 


Real Madrid vs. Juventus, LV August 5th

La Liga Champions Real Madrid will be taking on this season’s winners of the Scudetto, Juventus in Las Vegas on August 5th, it is an 8pm kick off. Below is link with the all the info:


Tim Erlach, Bill Carey and Klaus Grimm are planning on an excursion, if you are interested you may wish to get in touch with them and see some half-decent football.


Santiago’s Camp

Santiago one of OBG’s captains hosts a youth soccer camp each summer at Reno High School as a fundraiser for Reno High’s soccer program. Check out the attached flyer. Santiago is a great coach; I know it will be fun and rewarding experience for all the kids attending. See attachment.


Peter & Amber’s Camp

Pete & Amber have a similar thing going as Santi. See details of Bishop Manogue’s summer soccer camp attached.


Results May 24th

            OBG 1 v 0 Lift ‘n Pints                                   

            Chaingang 2 v 1 Team 6 Pack            

            Blue Mooners 2 v 6 Bhoys & Ghirls               

            Pink Panthers 1 v 0 Red Canes


Games May 31st

            OBG v Team 6 Pack                            Reno High

            Wright Stuff v Bhoys & Ghirls                        NV1                

            Blue Mooners v Pink Panthers             NV3

            Lift ‘n Pints v Red Canes                     NV2

            Chaingang = bye