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Goal Post Vol. 3 #12

posted Jun 15, 2012, 8:32 AM by Jim Magrogan

Goal Post

Vol. 3 Notch #12, 2012

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

Obscure Pop Culture References a Specialty

The World’s Greatest Source of Hyperbole


If not quite so brisk, the wind did return once more and perhaps not with the same effect as previous weeks.  And with almost alarming regularity by half time it had pretty much blown out of town. You could almost set your watch to 7pm.

 Special Delivery

The OBG vs. Chaingang game provided all the thrills one would expect from a top the table confrontation. By full time the game pivoted on the absence of OBG skipper Santi (he suffered a serious injury in another league that will keep him on the sidelines for a few weeks – please wish him well) and on the presence of the Chaingang’s USPS star player John “the Mailman” Krueger who selflessly set up all three of the Chaingaing’s goals. And they needed them in a tight 3-2 victory. Again the Great Wall of Cork provided the foundation for the Chaingang, but it was the Mailman’s exquisite assists that led to Cheryl “ I Will Score Before I Get Old” Young’s first ever RSCSL’s goal, another Maurice “Messi the Elder” Palermo masterpiece and Tracy “ I am still younger than Michelle Akers” Mellison netripper. On the B-side Justin “new kid on the block (as the Elders refer to him)” Foster and Ted “I Never Score on Purpose” Chrissinger netted for OBG.

 Too Many Pints Leads to Prolific PP Victory

In a rematch of their season opener the PP’s and the Pints were involved in a near run thing decided by a solitary goal. As luck would have it the Panthers picked up “Messi of the Meadows” as a sub; who along with Andrea “Hans Krankel” Park provided the edge that cut down the Pints to a mere 8 ounces. A second half solo effort from the once goal tied Armando “Formerly the Goal Keeper” Whose Surname I Cannot Spell pulled a half out of the keg, but not enough to fill the glass.

 Twilight Victory

It all seemed a foregone conclusion with only a few minutes to go. With Marco “the Maestro” Merlo pulling all the strings, Jordan “United Nations” France’s first half goal seemed destined to right all the Wright Stuff’s wrongs. But with the ebb and flow that this season has become, the Mooners turned the inevitable tide as the dastardly Vlad the Impaler tied things up. The game was heading for the kind of tie the league craves, but with only moments to spare the Transylvanian Troublemaker sunk his fangs into the brave but soon to be broken hearts of the Wright Stuff once again; snuffing the Stuff and perhaps re-igniting another lunar mission.

 Bhoys & Ghirls Come Out To Play

With the wind at their backs, free of the fear that the McCollander can sometimes bring, and with the Miraculous Mori arriving on time the B&Gs were ready to party. Before you could say “Keeper’s Ball” they were all McBusiness once again. Two more goals from McScott “can I bum a wee fag of yee” McMorton, an unfortunate McMixup at the back and a McMiraculous finish from Katie “McQueen” McMorales propelled the B&Gs to a 4-0 advantage at the half. The never say die Six Pack believed their fortunes would change with the wind at their backs, but ‘twas not to be. The breeze that had given the kilted ones such an invigorating cooling draft in the first half vanished like a retreating English army at Bannockburn, leaving the Six Pack very McPissed. To add INSALT to the Collander’s injury, Erik “the Shetland Pony-Tailed One” McWilson came out of goal late in the second half to net the BG’s fifth and final goal.

 Alumni Klaus Grimm Puts out a Challenge to all you RVPs Out There

One of the league’s all time top scorers is offering $2 a goal, with one his mates chipping in another $ per goal - which means we are at $3 a goal for charity this season. You can make a pledge too – something per goal, a flat fee, your personal goals - you name it. Make your pledge known to me ( and I will keep Klaus in the loop. Last year we wound up raising over $1500. Let’s try to top it in 2012. As of 6/8/2012 155 goals scored (that’s $465).


Results June 7th

          OBG 2 v 3 Chaingang                         

            Wright Stuff 1 v 2 Blue Mooners                    

            Bhoys & Ghirls 5 v 0 Team 6 Pack                

            Pink Panthers 2 v 1 Lift ‘n Pints         

 June 14th NV

            Wright Stuff v Team 6 Pack                Reno High

            Chaingang v Red Canes                       NV3

            Blue Mooners v Lift ‘n Pints                NV 1

            Bhoys & Ghirls v Pink Panthers          NV2

            OBG = bye

 This is the last week at NV and Coney Island. On June the 21st we begin play at South Valleys and post-game revitalization at Lamppost Pizza.