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Goal Post Vol. 3 #15

posted Aug 2, 2012, 12:36 PM by Jim Magrogan

Goal Post

Vol. 3 Notch #15, 2012

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

The World’s Greatest Source of Cliché Ridden Hyperbole

All Puns Intended


Idyllic conditions made for an almost perfect evening: at least for those on the winning teams. Clear skies did nothing to indicate how the season will turnout, if anything the results only clouded the pundit’s crystal balls and stirred up their tea leaves.


Wall of Cork Breached; Amid the Cracks Rays of Hope Appear for the Pursuing Pack

Inspired by Marco “DC” Merlo’s marvelous midfield magic the Wright Stuff pulled off what has to be the upset of the season so far, almost akin to Italy’s surprise win over England a couple of weeks ago. Finally firing on all cylinders, the Stuff weakened the Chaingang’s grip on the Dunning Cup, ending an unbeaten streak stretching all the way back to that icy evening of April 19th. Distributing the ball around the park like a UPS driver delivering Christmas packages while tugging the Chaingang defense every which way, Merlo’s  Potteresque wizardry has the set stage for a thrilling finale to the season, providing all kinds of favors for the pursuing acronyms: OBG, B&Gs and the PPs. To pardon the pun(s), all three teams capitalized on the Chaingang’s missing link, sometimes known as John Krueger. With Messi of the Meadows and others sidelined the B&G’s dealt a savage 5-1 blow to the ‘Canes title ambitions. Despite how the score line reads, the ‘Canes keeper Mark “Pepper(ed)” Johnson was surely the hero; repelling wave after wave of BGs as the ‘Canes’ once revered defense parted like the Red Sea every five minutes or so. Up above brave efforts by Team 6 Pack fell short as the Panthers stealthily continue their feline climb toward the top of the table. Although buoyed by the return of Klaus “the brother” Grimm and Jess “Ms. Messi of the Meadows” Farrar, the Blue Mooners fell victim to another stellar hat trick. This time provided by “Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy” Chrissinger (you probably have to be a Tottenham fan to understand). The youthful Chrissinger, known to his friends as “Snuggle”, was unavailable for comment on his “man-of-the-match” performance as he rushed off for the Reno premier of his latest biographical movie – yes, you guessed it, TED.


Dates to Remember


Tuesday July 10th at 4pm The Moana Stadium Demolition. Your chance to welcome a few more soccer fields to Reno. GBYSL is staging a gala event to commemorate another inroad into this soccer resistant nation.


Friday August 24th Women’s Soccer - UNR will play Cal Poly at Mackey Stadium. I mention this as Ken Lancaster’s (Red ‘Canes) daughter Sarah is a starter for Cal Poly. We should all gather behind the goals with TP, rattles and Vuvuzelas. Let’s do it!


Standings & Stats



League Alumni Klaus Grimm Puts out a Challenge to all you RVPs Out There

One of the league’s all time top scorers is offering $2 a goal, with one his mates chipping in another $1 per goal - which means we are at $3 a goal for charity this season. You can make a pledge too – something per goal, a favorite team mate, a flat fee, your personal goals - you name it. Make your pledge known to me ( and I will keep Klaus in the loop. Last year we wound up raising over $1500. Let’s try to top it in 2012. As of 7/4/2012 229 goals scored (that’s $687).



Results June 28th

OBG 3 v 2 Blue Mooners                                              

Chaingang 2 v 3 Wright Stuff                        

Bhoys & Ghirls 5 v 1 Red Canes                

Team 6 Pack 3 v 5 Pink Panthers                   


Games July 12th

OBG v Bhoys & Ghirls                              SVL2

Chaingang v Pink Panthers               SVU2    

Wright Stuff v Lift ‘n Pints               SVL1

Blue Mooners v Red Canes                        SVU1

Team 6 Pack = bye

L = Lower, U = Upper