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Goal Post Vol. 3 #17

posted Aug 2, 2012, 12:38 PM by Jim Magrogan

Goal Post

Vol. 3 Notch #17, 2012

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

The World’s Greatest Source of Cliché Ridden Hyperbole

Arrows from My Quiver of Whimsy


The Day the Bhoys & Ghirls Didn’t Come Out to Play

The Bhoys & Ghirls did not even come out to play last Thursday (bye week) but they were certainly the ones with the biggest smiles on their faces when the final whistles blew. Their three biggest rivals – OBG, CG and PP - all stumbled and muddled their way to defeats, leaving the door wide open for the Canes and maybe even the Pints to stumble through themselves. A gargantuan defensive display by “Messi of the Meadows’ ” identical twin brother “Puyol of the Pastures” led the Canes to a 7-4 victory over OBG, a near run thing between the Chaingang and the Pints, plus a second straight win for the leave-it-too-late Wright Stuff has squeezed the league table to bursting capacity with a healthy bulge now appearing mid-table as five teams are now only separated by a mere 3 points (Gosh, I love this stuff). Everyone seems in a holding pattern; poised to swoop to perch on the pole position. Only a few weeks ago the Chaingang seemed destined for glory but as John “Missing Link” Krueger has gone AWOL the gang has stumbled and no one, as yet, has been there to catch their fall, as Billy Idol might croon. The Mooners even saw some waxing this week in a controversial victory over the pre-season favorites Team 6 Pack; who have become more of a 4 pack in recent weeks. Pundits will long speculate as to what went wrong this season for the Pack, while they do I am off to the refrigerator to prepare for my Top-of-the-Table clash with the Chaingang tomorrow evening.


Meanwhile perched on highland peak far, far away in bonnie McScotland, McScott the McScott McMorton must be a very mchappy mcman mccaptain as his mcmachinations of lending B&G players as subs worked as well as he could ever possibly imagine.


Coming next week’s issue – just how we will wrap up the season. Please note - at the moment no games are scheduled for August 2nd but this could change….


A Date to Remember

Friday August 24th Women’s Soccer - UNR will play Cal Poly at Mackey Stadium. I mention this as Ken Lancaster’s (Red ‘Canes) daughter Sarah is a starter for Cal Poly. We should all gather behind the goals with TP, rattles and Vuvuzelas. Start practicing some songs – “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”, “Nice One Cyril” etc. Let’s do it!


Standings & Stats



League Alumni Klaus Grimm Puts out a Challenge to all you RVPs Out There

One of the league’s all time top scorers is offering $2 a goal, with one his mates chipping in another $1 per goal - which means we are at $3 a goal for charity this season. You can make a pledge too – something per goal, a favorite team mate, a flat fee, your personal goals - you name it. Make your pledge known to me ( and I will keep Klaus in the loop. Last year we wound up raising over $1500. Let’s try to top it in 2012. As of 7/20/2012 278 goals scored (that’s $759). Still waiting on those pledges……


McQueen High School

MCQ is in need of a JV girls coach. If you are interested let me know, I will put you in touch with the powers to be.


 “Found in the Changing Room Locker”

Now that you have zipped through last week’s book and movie recommendations here are a couple more tomes to enjoy. If you love economics and soccer, give “Soccernomics” a whirl – yes the authors put forward some tenuous balls to latch onto but the book certainly gives you a few notions to get on the end of while you ponder their validity. In a similar vein “How Soccer Explains the World” provides insight on how soccer has molded culture and politics through the last century. Again some of the ideas maybe a stretch, chickens and eggs, horses and carts and all that; but, hey, much rather read a book that gets you growling rather than one that gets you purring. Then catch an Iranian movie called “Offside” which uses soccer as a metaphor for the status of women in middle-eastern culture.



Last week - It was Colin not Peter Firth…ooops


Results July 19th

OBG 4 v 7 Red ‘Canes                    

Chaingang 0 v 1 Lift ‘n Pints           

Blue Mooners 5 v 4 Team 6 Pack    

Wright Stuff 3 v 1 Pink Panthers     


Games July 26th 

OBG v Pink Panthers                   SVL1

Chaingang v Bhoys & Ghirls       SVU2

Team 6 Pack v Lift ‘n Pints          SVU1 

Wright Stuff v Red Canes            SVL2