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Goal Post Vol. 3 #18

posted Aug 2, 2012, 12:40 PM by Jim Magrogan

Goal Post

Vol. 3 Notch #18, 2012

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

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The Day the

With key players taking a vacation the Chaingang’s dip in fortunes maybe on the verge of crisis. As swiftly as Mitt Romney can put his foot in his mouth the Chaingang found themselves’ trailing 4-0. The gang did manage to steady the ship but the water had already been taken on. Listing heavily the Chaingang stretched themselves as thin as anyone possible could in a “senior” coed league in order to mount the greatest comeback in league history, launching wave after wave of  attacks. But it was not to be with the jubilant Bhoys & Ghirls snatching one more goal in the twilight of the game to dot the ‘I’s” and cross the “T’s” and add an exclamation point to an emphatic victory. Meanwhile on SVU1 the goals keep coming, even for Team 6 Pack. The Packers finally found fortune despite trailing 3-2 at the half. Aided by the setting sun 6 Pack exploded for 5 unanswered second half goals to leave the Pints feeling rather flat.


Goals always seem harder to come by on the lower fields. Last week 15 goals up top, down below just 3, the trend continues. The ‘Canes reversed the Wright Stuff’s recent revival with a controversial 1-0 victory in what was apparently feisty little number. By all accounts yellows were being tossed around like dollar bills at a bachelor party. It was almost as tight across the great divide on SVL1 where the Panthers got back on track with a 2-0 victory over OBG.

With only August left to go the title chase is still as wide open as Olympic basketball.


A Date to Remember

Friday August 24th Women’s Soccer - UNR will play Cal Poly at Mackey Stadium. I mention this as Ken Lancaster’s (Red ‘Canes) daughter Sarah is a starter for Cal Poly. We should all gather behind the goals with TP, rattles and Vuvuzelas. Start practicing some songs – “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”, “Nice One Cyril” etc. Let’s do it!


August & Post Season

So it has been decided that the Dunning Cup will be awarded to the team atop the regular season table. However, we have secured the fields for games on August 30th. These will take on a different format involving all 9 teams in a “mini” tournament.


Regarding next week (August 9th) there is the possibility of games but I will not be able to confirm until Monday 6th. If we play, these games will also have a certain curiosity about them.


Stay tuned to your dials.


Standings & Stats



League Alumni Klaus Grimm Puts out a Challenge to all you RVPs Out There

One of the league’s all time top scorers is offering $2 a goal, with one his mates chipping in another $1 per goal - which means we are at $3 a goal for charity this season. You can make a pledge too – something per goal, a favorite team mate, a flat fee, your personal goals - you name it. Make your pledge known to me ( and I will keep Klaus in the loop. Last year we wound up raising over $1500. Let’s try to top it in 2012. As of 7/20/2012 278 goals scored (that’s $759). Still waiting on those pledges……


Results July 26th 

OBG 0 v 2 Pink Panthers                   

Chaingang 0 v 5 Bhoys & Ghirls       

Team 6 Pack 7 v 3 Lift ‘n Pints         

Wright Stuff 0 v 1 Red Canes           


Games August 2nd

OBG v Lift ‘n Pints                           SVL2

Chaingang v Team 6 Pack                SVU2

Blue Mooners v Bhoys & Ghirls      SVU1

Pink Panthers v Red Canes               SVL1

Wright Stuff = bye