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Goalpost Vol. 3 #2

posted Apr 8, 2012, 9:51 AM by Peter Wallstrum

Goal Post

Vol. 3 #2, 2012

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters


Spring has sprung. Little green blades are appearing on our lawns so it must be time for the Coed League to begin and for winter to offer its lingering farewell. So here is an update of where we are at. 




The teams have been chosen and hopefully you have all heard from your captains. Attached is a summary of all the teams. As you will notice we have nine teams this year, the demand is growing. This means each week one team will have a bye and over the course of the “regular” season your team will have two bye weeks as we play each other twice. Players on a bye week maybe invited to sub for another team that week - thus creating all kinds of personal conflicts and dilemma!


With nine teams and calendar constraints post season is still being worked on.


If you have not heard from your captains email them:


OBG – Elaine Duffy and Santiago Esparza - Silver


Chaingang – Chad & Tracy Mellison – Teal


Bhoys & Ghirls – Jim Wilson & Scott Morton – Neon Green


Team 6 Pack – Tim Erhlach & Shelly Gamble – Royal Blue


Wright Stuff – Kate Heeran & Dean Kasparian – Forest Green      


Lift ‘n Pints – Peter Wallstrum and Paul Gonzales - White


Pink Panthers – Shawn Moshrefnoory, Bill Carey & Andy Bowser – Pink


Mike & Jeremy – Jeremy Sumner & Mike Leavitt – name to be announced. - Red


Blue Mooners – Birant Ramazan & Marian Vlad – Sky Blue



Jerseys will be delivered to captains in time for distribution at the first game. Look after them carefully and give them back at the end of the season! If you have one from last year, bring it back! Captains may try to coordinate socks and shorts. Yes, you do need to have shinguards, referees will check.



Schedule for first week:


Thursday April 12th 6pm kick offs.


            Reno High School                               OBG vs. Chaingang

            North Valleys Regional Park              Wright Stuff vs. Blue Mooners

            North Valleys Regional Park              Bhoys & Ghirls vs. Team 6 Pack

            North Valleys Regional Park              Pink Panthers vs. Lift ‘n Pints


            Bye - Mike & Jeremy


            A full schedule will be released and posted very soon.


Post Game Refreshments

For the first part of the season will convene festivities at Coney Island on 4th Street. The league encourages you to come along as many times as possible – a delicious and affordable buffet will be available. An alternative route will be required this year due to the 4th street - 80 ramp closure. Although this is a pain in the you know where, it is more of a pain for Coney Island. So it is even more crucial we support this great local establishment. 


Launch Party

Calendar restraints stood in our way - so no party this year. But, hey that is even more reason to come to Coney on the first night!


Email Address

Look out for emails from our new gmail account. The yahoo address is still functional and you can always contact me personally at