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Goalpost Vol. 3 #3

posted Apr 9, 2012, 9:25 PM by Jim Magrogan

Goal Post

Vol. 3 #3, 2012

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters


Concerning Registration Fees


I hate to be an old nag but it is time for me to start harassing a few folk about payment!


If you have paid just ignore this message!


If you have not yet paid you have various options open to you:


Return to the website and go through the credit card route.

There are a few who thought they paid online but for various reasons their transaction did not go through.


If you wish to pay by cash or check you will have the perfect opportunity to see me at Home Field, or this coming Thursday (12th) at the fields or this coming Thursday (12th) at Coney Island after the game.


Or, as old fashioned as it may sound and as old as I may sound, there is this institution called the US Post Office which actually physically delivers stuff to my house. So, if you are inclined (or even live in Incline!) you can find a stamp and put it in one of those curious looking blue boxes around town.


Put this on the envelope:


            5694 Tappan Drive

            Reno NV 89523



Andrew and his Sicilian Cousins (Joey and Luigi)


Possible Postponement Policy

Just like the show, the games usually go on. In fact our motto is not unlike the US Post Office – Neither rain, nor snow, nor wind, nor sleet, nor hot August Nights, nor EPL games, nor volcanic eruptions, nor Street Vibrations, nor fire sprinklers, etc, etc. stop us playing.


Seriously, if for any reason you think games might be called off you are advised to check your email after around 4pm on game day. The league will do its best to put some notice out. If you hear nothing, assume games are on. In the entire history of the league we have only postponed twice – once for smoke and once for rain (at the very beginning of the 2010 season). As of 4/7/12 the weather forecast is suggesting Thursday the 12th will probably be dry and a wee bit nippy. FYI - cold temperatures are no reason not to play, just be prepared….



Captains will have jerseys; you then keep them for the season.

You bring shorts (hopefully), socks, shinguards and shoes….

If you have a contribution for our weekly newsletter, send it to me at .


Stuff to Remember

Don’t get your proverbial knickers in a twist over a bad call or someone else’s less than exemplary behaviour. If you are getting upset, take a breather on the sidelines. By all means play to win, but play fair and remind yourself it is about the game, burning the odd calorie or two, and making friends.



Thanks to Peter Duffy for providing a truck and his labor to get the extra goals to North Valleys.


Let the games begin.