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Goal Post Vol 3 #6

posted May 2, 2012, 8:27 AM by Jim Magrogan

Goal Post

Vol. 3 Notch #6, 2012

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

The Only Soccer Newsletter to ever mention Neil Diamond and Thomas Hardy

Convoluted Sentences a Specialty


A Lot of Hot & Cold Air Blustering About

Great googlimoogly it is already Tuesday and I have not written the update yet.  Apologies if this seems rushed.


Well, the Coed League Board of Equalization stepped in to demonstrate that the league is more even than some might believe. Only one team now remains unbeaten: OBG is capitalizing on its “home field” advantage inflicting a first defeat on the always competitive Blue Mooners. As temperatures plummeted so did the average age of OBG in the absence of Peter Duffy and Ron Jones, allowing the thirtysomething crowd its more than 15 minutes of fame on the park. A fact not unnoticed by the always vigilant fortysomething Blue Mooners’ management.


Tossed aimlessly around by the always on time 6pm to 7pm Washoe Zephyr come Scirrocco come Mistral come Santa Ana the 6 teams at North Valley played out 3 games as tight as team jersey on any number of your teammates (are these shirts shrinking each year?). The Panthers and “Tim” 6 Pack huffed and puffed their way to a 2-2 tie while the luckless Wright Stuff were beaten by the Chaingang’s Mike “I’ll spray my own boots gold” Reynolds solitary only goal in town. Gotta luv those Neil Diamond references. Far from the madding (or maddening) crowd (gotta luv those Thomas Hardy references) on NV3 the Bhoys & Ghirls (sometimes referred to incorrectly as the Bloody Limeys) were reduced to child like tears by Dan “Jigsaw” (he goes to pieces in the box) Henrikson’s first ever shot on target which the gravitationally challenged yours truly could only parry onto the underside of the bar. In a game of red light, yellow light  the “full house” ‘Canes picked up their first victory; but also managed to pick a couple of cards the dealers, sorry referees, handed out - and I don’t mean on the slots at Coney. On the topic of Coney Island – a couple of gentle reminders; join us after games and if you choose to partake in the buffet don’t forget to put money in the jar!


Lost Property

A very nice black Adidas jersey with light blue stripes. Found at NV a couple of weeks ago. Contact me and I will put you in touch with the relevant party.


Important Soccer Events

Saturday May 5th the FA Cup Final - Chelsea vs. Liverpool – Fox Soccer Channel

 Saturday May 19th the UEFA Champions League Final – Chelsea vs. Bayern Munich - Check which Fox Channel

 Next week a pull–out guide to the Euros TV coverage stateside.



Want to contribute? Write it down and send it to me at . Don’t all rush at once.


Results April 26th

            OBG 4 v 1 Blue Mooners

            Chaingang 1 v 0 Wright Stuff

            Bhoys & Ghirls 0 v 1 Red ‘Canes       

            Team 6 Pack 2 v 2 Pink Panthers


Games May 3rd

          OBG v Bhoys & Ghirls                                    Reno High

            Chaingang v Pink Panthers                  NV 3

            Wright Stuff v Lift ‘n Pints                  NV 1

            Blue Mooners v Red Canes                 NV 2

            Bye = Team 6 Pack