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Goal Post Vol 3 #7

posted May 7, 2012, 8:52 PM by Peter Wallstrum

Goal Post

Vol. 3 Notch #7, 2012

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

The Only Soccer Newsletter to ever mention the Isley Brothers  

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Breeze aside it turned out to be a jolly pleasant evening to pull on a pair of shorts to chase an inflated sphere around with 21 other folk for 90 minutes. Next week things are looking up – just like Elvis, I feel the temperature rising and as the Isley Brothers and Mr. Dylan might observe we will be looking for the answers in a summer breeze rather than blowing in a god awful wind. But I suspect somehow or another mother nature will throw a meteorological curve ball our way.


Back to the recent action; it was our biggest goal fest so far, with a total of 19 efforts finding the twine. Only the Pink Panthers passed on the opportunity to make the highlight reel in a 2-0 defeat to the Chaingang who seem to be slipping smoothly into gear after some clutch problems in the first two weeks. Lift ‘n Pints finally found the groove with a victory over the Wright Stuff whose needle still seems to be skipping (it’s a vinyl reference). The ‘Canes (soon to be renamed the Red and Yellow ‘Canes) are beginning to blow up a storm; leaving the Mooners blue with envy on NV3 and following in the trail of tears left by the Bhoys & Ghirls the previous Thursday.


Victories aside no team ran away with it – always an encouraging sign for those putting the teams together. And with the mysteriously named OBG’s dreams of an unbeaten season reduced to rubble by the somewhat Bloody Kiwi Haggis Eating Limeys the league table has most assuredly tightened. The quest for the Dunning Cup remains as wide open as an Englishman’s mouth in anticipation of that first post-game pint. Speaking of which – as the weather mellows and the eves grow longer we hope to see a few more of you where everyone knows your name and an Englishman eagerly awaits the delivery of a pint or two.


Lost Property

Found - a dashing black Adidas jersey with light blue stripes. Found at NV a couple of weeks ago. Contact me and I will put you in touch with the relevant party.


Standings & Stats

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Results May 3rd

          OBG 2 v 3 Bhoys & Ghirls                             

            Chaingang 2 v 0 Pink Panthers                       

            Wright Stuff 2 v 4 Lift ‘n Pints                       

            Blue Mooners 2 v 4 Red ‘Canes                     


Games May 10th

            OBG v Red ‘Canes                              Reno High

            Chaingang v Lift ‘n Pints                     NV 1

            Blue Mooners v Team 6 Pack              NV 3

            Wright Stuff v Pink Panthers               NV 2

            Bhoys & Ghirls = bye