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Goal Post Vol 3 #8

posted May 16, 2012, 9:56 AM by Jim Magrogan

Goal Post

Vol. 3 Notch #8, 2012

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

Convoluted Sentences a Specialty, Do Not Go Directly to Goal


 With the turf and our epidermis caressed by warm rays of May sunshine there could surely be no complaints about atmospheric conditions on Match Day 5. If only I could do something about the daily accident on northbound 395 at Oddie. Not that there we were complaint free this week, but I will keep those between me and the proverbial goalpost.

 With the low-temperature adverse players beginning to dip their toes into the tundra, better turnouts are restoring parity to our grand experiment, even if the Pink Panthers had a bad day at the office.

 Shocking Pink, Wright Stuff Right Ship

The Panthers sorrow was the Wright Stuff’s joy as they finally produced a performance worth writing about. A five goal salvo plunged the Breenless-Panthers into a shockingly pink hued panic and served notice that the wrongs have been (w)righted and that the ‘Canes should not let confidence become complacency when they face off next week.

 ‘Canes Catch O(lder) B(oys) & G(irls) Napping

Speaking of the ‘Canes they are turning out to be the surprise package. With three wins on the trot they have reached the heady heights of joint top; all without the services of Jeremy Sumner, known to some as the “Geriatric Gerrard”. A hypnotizing and surgical Brian “you are going into a deep, deep sleep” Buehler performance caught OBG’s defence catching forty winks and propelled the scarlet clad warriors toward the apex of the table.

 Shackles Come Off

Back at NV1 the revitalized Lift ‘n Pints raised their game and glasses to put 3 past the normally miserly Chaingang. Unfortunately for the Pints they also served up the keys to unshackle the Chaingang’s predatory offence – three times too (but that does not make six). A Mike “RVP” Reynolds’ brace has put him hot on the heels of his arch and idle (or is that idol?) rival Paul “Shortless” Roberti for top scorer honors. But Mircea “the Merciless” Nicolescu countered with a pair of his own golden boots to cancel all bets this early in the season.

 Packers Pack Punch, Mooners Wane & Wax Lyrical,

On NV3 it was beginning to look ugly for the not so super Blue Mooners, who found themselves waning and going two down to the quite racey six-packers. A stunningly beautiful finish from the fleet-footed Ms. Shelly “eat my dust” Gamble gave the six-packers a two goal advantage and her second personal victory in less than a year over the Mooners’ deputized keeper. However, the Mooners succeeded in stemming the tide. As players for both teams began to dribble in from the slow ‘n go on 395, Vlad the Impaler dribbled in his weekly goal to put the Mooners on the rise, but ultimately not enough to dent the six-packers’ audacious ambitions.

 By the way, has anyone noticed how the jerseys seem to shrink each year?

 Future Kind Soccer Tournament – Interested?

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Live music from 4 pm to 9 pm.


Future kind, a local nonprofit invites you to engage with your community by participating in a one day music and soccer festival. Proceeds from the event will benefit future kind education program. 


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Direct link to the soccer tourney:

 Standings & Stats

See attachment.

Stat of the Week – 25% of goals this season have been scored by women.



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Results May 10th

            OBG 1 v 3 Red ‘Canes                                   

            Chaingang 3 v 3 Lift ‘n Pints              

            Blue Mooners 1 v 2 Team 6 Pack                   

            Wright Stuff 5 v 1 Pink Panthers


Games May 17th

            OBG v Pink Panthers                           Reno High

            Chaingang v Bhoys & Ghirls               NV2

            Team 6 Pack v Lift ‘n Pints                 NV3

            Wright Stuff v Red Canes                    NV1

            Blue Mooners = bye