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Goalpost Vol. 4 #1

posted Mar 6, 2013, 1:21 PM by Jim Magrogan

The Goalpost

Vol. 4 #1

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters


Reno Senior Coed Soccer League 2013

The 9th Season


Happy New Year Everyone. Now that the world has not ended and the landing from the fiscal cliff has been somewhat cushioned maybe (even Felix Baumgartner had second thoughts about jumping off it) I thought I would take an opportunity to update you on what lies ahead for our league in 2013.


Registration – we plan registration to be ready beginning on February 1st for returning players and February 8th for new players. Teams will be created toward the end of March.


Season Dates – the targeted opening date is Thursday April 11th, running through the end of August.


The Ladies Rule – at the end of last season I asked the female league members to vote on whether we should keep the ladies rule. Turn out at the polls was, I have to admit, disappointing. Maybe too many of you were pre-occupied with that other election. From the votes received there was no massive majority to dispose of this controversial rule (much to my surprise). Despite the question requiring only a simple yes or no response, I received some passionate 2000 plus word responses most of which advised me to keep the rule or offered some convoluted compromises that would confuse our beloved referees even more than they already are. After considerable deliberation on my part and on consultation with the captains it was decided that it was in the best interests of the league to retain the rule as is stands. I am not even going to tinker with it. So there you have it - the rule continues. No dictatorial executive veto from me. I should add that many of the stronger women players who replied cautioned against dropping it.


Teams – I am hoping to add another team for the upcoming season to bring us to 10 total. This will hinge on finding another field; I am exploring options as I type to secure another location. As things stand I anticipate that North Valleys, South Valleys and Reno High School will remain in the picture. With the addition of another team and the inevitable loss of some players to injury, pregnancy, relocation, and general considerations of overall decrepitude I urge you all to begin recruiting new blood. Unlike Mitt, I do not have access to “binders of women” and it is on the female side that I suspect our recruiting will have to focus. Remember the age requirements – men over 35 or turning 35 in 2013, women over 25 or turning 25 in 2013 are eligible. Men playing exclusively as goalkeepers can be as young as 30.


Uniforms – the much coveted new jerseys (hey, that is almost a state according to spell check) purchased last year seemed to generate considerable envy. Comments such as “oh these old jerseys smell like a locker room” or “they are so itchy and hot” or “these jerseys just don’t do my girlish figure any justice” were overheard just about every Thursday evening in the men’s bathroom at Lamppost. It is my hope to acquire another 8 sets of uniforms for the upcoming season. So whenever you find yourself at the outlet stores or cruising soccer websites and you spot some good deals on jerseys let me know ( I might just swoop in with my well-known cat-like agility and make a purchase. It is my hope to fund these purchases through sponsorship but it may mean a modest increase in registration fees.


One final thing concerning jerseys -  if you still have one from last year I would still like to get them back just in case I cannot secure enough new uniforms. You can drop them off at either of the indoor facilities - Home Field Athletics or the Sportsdome – leave them to my attention.


Sponsorship & Fundraising – If you have any ideas on this topic, let me know. Same email as above.


Looking forward to another season riddled with occasional high quality soccer, numerous attempts at impersonating Ibrahimovic, frigid April evenings, unrelenting heat, hurricane force winds, uniform malfunctions, tight-fitting uniforms, irrigation anomalies, world class reffing, new faces, old faces, knee braces, great goals, great saves, mind boggling bloopers, youtube moments, new friends, old friends, really old friends, match fixing, melodrama, dog invasions, lengthy emails about how unjust and cruel the game of soccer is, and of course some good laughs.


See you on the pitch sooner than you think.




And remember: Spurs Rule, Ok.