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Goalpost Vol. 4 #17

posted Jul 29, 2013, 3:22 PM by Jim Magrogan

The Goalpost

Vol. 4 #17

Official Reggie Bolden Fanzine

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

All the News That is Worth Making Up

Dairy of a Dreamer, Make That Diary

More 15 minutes of fame per lifetime if you are on my team

A Muse of Fire

A Bit  of a Rush Job


See you at Lamppost (near RC Willey) after the game

After all – all is well that ends well. Right?

Great turn out last week; let’s make it even better this week.



Match Day 15 Schedule



Golden Slumbers v Team quattro


Bishop Manogue HS


Chaingang v Bhoys & Ghirls


South Valley LSV1


Euro Envy v Wright Stuff


South Valley LSV2


Real Studs v Paper Tigers


South Valley USV1


Slashers v OBG Stoners


South Valley USV2


Match Day 14 Results


Golden Slumbers 2 v 6 Slashers

Chaingang 2 v 4 OBG Stoners

Euro Envy 4 v 4 Bhoys & Ghirls

Real Studs 0 v 5 Team quattro

Wright Stuff 3 v 5 Paper Tigers


Translator Needed

Scott “what did he just say?” Morton is looking for an assistant linguist and coach this fall to help with some U6 kids. He fears they will not understand a word he says…. Scott is the unintelligible guy on the Bhoys & Ghirls.


Name That Band

For some every breathe they took led to a road to nowhere as they headed out on the highway but they still failed to find what they were looking for: a win. This much was true for the Chaingang, Wright Stuff and Real Studs who simply cannot find any satisfaction whatsoever. For the Studs, they must have had a feeling facing league leaders, Team Quattro (who must be getting anxious to get the party started), nothing would be as simple as 123 or ABC and they could probably find no mountain low enough. Indeed they were blown out like a candle in the wind 5-0 as they succumbed to what has become a finally tuned machine that rarely misfires especially with Mark “MJ” Johnson doing a punctuated hippy-hippy shake at the back. Across on LSV1 the Wright Stuff were ready to shout, shout and let it all out but they were out gunned by the eyes of the paper tigers who continued their steady march toward mid-table mediocrity with a tidy 5-3 victory, even though Mike “Paperback Writer” Reynolds was on target for the boys and girls in white.


Up top OBG (or is that OMD?) worked on the Chaingang so to speak recovering from a 2-1 deficit to revive their hopes of ruling the world of RSCSL soccer. The spritely half of the team was just, well, too spritely for the beleaguered Chaingang. It was only the heroic efforts of Reggie “I believe in Miracles” Bolden who kept some R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the ‘Gang. A chippy game next door on USV1 played right in the hands of Tq. Klaus “Rock Me Amadeus” provided post game entertainment telling the referee to, shall we say, beat it in a 4-4 thriller, diller. A tie just about keeps the Envy in contention for honors but for former Bay City Roller leads Jim McWilson and Scott McMorton it is unlikely their grubby paws will raise the Dunning Cup in successive seasons. They might not be mathematically out but they are hanging on in a quiet desperation that is a Scottish kind of way.


Up the road the Slashers, with a few women in red, were welcomed to the jungle that is BMHS, by the Golden Slumbers. But the Slumbers seemed to have gone night-nights as the Slashers, somewhat hungry like the wolf, were looking for a hero. Unlike some teams they did find what they were looking for in Dr. Sparkle who became the leader of the pack with a sensational hat-trick, despite being under pressure to deliver from Mr. Postman. A 6-2 victory has seen the Slashers surge to a league position that could have them singing we are the champions.


All You Need is Love:

See you at Lamppost (near RC Willey) after the game.

Great turn out last week; let’s make it even better this week.