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Goalpost Vol. 4 #18

posted Aug 6, 2013, 9:49 PM by Jim Magrogan

The Goalpost

Vol. 4 #18

Official Reggie Bolden Fanzine

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

All the News That is Worth Making Up

Dairy of a Dreamer, Make That Diary

More 15 minutes of fame per lifetime if you are on my team

A Muse of Fire

A Bit  of a Rush Job

Poetic License


See you at Lamppost (near RC Willey) after the game

After all – all is well that ends well. Right?

Great turn out last week; let’s make it even better this week.


Match Day 15 Schedule



Golden Slumbers v Chaingang




Euro Envy v Real Studs


South Valley U2


Team quattro v Bhoys & Ghirls


South Valley U1


Wright Stuff v Slashers


South Valley U2


OBG Stoners v Paper Tigers


South Valley U1


Slumberers and Chaingangers we are working on rescheduling the postponed game. Stay tuned your skippers will be in touch.


Match Day 14 Results


Golden Slumbers 3 v 2 Team quattro

Chaingang 4 v 4 Bhoys & Ghirls

Euro Envy 3 v 3 Wright Stuff

Real Studs 1 v 5 Paper Tigers

Slashers 1 v 1 OBG Stoners


Translator Needed

Scott “what did he just say?” Morton is looking for an assistant linguist and coach this fall to help with some U6 kids. He fears they will not understand a word he says…. Scott is the unintelligible guy on the Bhoys & Ghirls.


Name a Few More Bands (and Artists)

No more Mr. Nice Politically Correct Nice Guy. The fact is there are five teams out of the running for the Dunning Cup but the infamous “We Are Number Five” Platter remains up for grabs. Results this last week have very much kept the hunt alive for five teams and guarantee maybe some above average games in the “chippiness” category as we enter the final countdown.


But heck, the real stories from last week maybe lie elsewhere on that boulevard of no longer broken dreams. Two independent events occurred that are against all odds, it would be as likely as the Soviets and Americans both walking on the Moon and the same time. A once in a geologic era moment.They simply make one question the integrity of the space-time continuum. Witnessing one of these events personally was like watching the fabric of time unravel across the Universe as if I had grabbed a string and just walked away. But when news trickled in at the Lamppost of both events I was simply blinded by the light, flabbergasted, dumbfounded, amazed, gobsmacked even. All the big scores and gorgeous goals of the night just melted into obscurity as I digested the news. At one time I did not believe in miracles but now I am converted, Hallelujah, I am a believer (then I saw their gleeful faces burned into my retina for eternity). This is of such proportions that I might not even mention Reggie “Runaround Peggy Sue” Bolden in this newsletter. Rats, I just did…It is so mindboggling I even smelled teen spirit; I could not comprehend it until Dan “Jigsaw’ Henriksen spoke on Jeremys’ behalf (I guess Jeremy has spoken), I had the ring wrapped around my finger until he told me Elaine “I shall wear purple in a haze” Duffy had scored a last gasp equalizer in a game tort with top o’ the charts ramifications. A blistering drive from some 40 yards left the Slashers dazed and confused. Meanwhile a similar story was unfolding down below where Jill ‘id I score?” Greiner went right up that hill to fetch her very own pail of water and she most certainly did not tumble back down, unless running back to the halfway line in unbridled glee and joy constitutes tumbling down. She hit her own blistering drive from some 18 inches to reduce the Bhoys & Ghirls to tears and her own teammates to befuddled bewilderment. And that folks, is what this league is all about; befuddled bewilderment. We built this league on rock and roll and it gives us all a reason to believe.


All You Need is Love:

See you at Lamppost (near RC Willey) after the game.

Great turn out last week; let’s make it even better this week.