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Goalpost Vol. 4 #2

posted Mar 6, 2013, 1:22 PM by Jim Magrogan

The Goalpost

Vol. 4 #2

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

Spurs Rule, Ok.


Reno Senior Coed Soccer League 2013 - The 9th Season


So It Goes

Things are moving along at a jolly encouraging clip. So jolly encouraging that as I clatter this keyboard I am saying to myself “great googly-moogly kick-off is that gosh darn close.” So it is time to start getting all you folk updated on what is what, when is when, and which is which. You will need time to prepare for those sun-kissed April evenings in north Reno where the north wind doth occasionally blow with a hint of either winter or summer. Yes, it is almost time to wash those long-forgotten long-johns that have sat slightly damp in the dark recesses of your kit bag for a fair few months now.


Sex, Fields & Striping Paint…

Registration – we are now almost at full capacity with over 30 new faces. The male’s side is full – men can now only register as substitutes. On the female side (as of 1:44 pm on Sunday March 3rd) we have only three full time spaces still available. When those fill up women can only register as subs, although with the current population boom there is a fair chance full-time spaces will open up on the female side as the season progresses… This means we will be fielding ten teams this season, continuing the expansion of soccer on the North American continent at a pace not seen since the British introduced googlies, yorkers, legs-before-wickets and silly mid-ons to the Indian sub-continent way back when. Fun fact – cricket is the second most popular spectator sport on the planet after soccer.


Ten teams do provide some challenges. Until I have all my soccer balls in a row I cannot tell you just how the league will be structured this year. Most of the venues have been lined up – North and South Valley parks are in place. Unless something unexpected happens Reno High is also in place as is Bishop Manogue. There are a couple of issues to address with the high school locations that may lead to some minor scheduling anomalies.


Games are scheduled to begin on Thursday April 11th. Games will be scheduled every Thursday evening through the end of August. The only scheduled break as of now is Thursday, July 4th which for reasons that escape me is apparently some kind of big deal that causes folk to go All-American on me and decide playing soccer is unpatriotic (at least for a day) and possibly a hint that I must be some shade of commi-pinko. Speaking of which, the pink shirts are scheduled for retirement this year. In fact all those itchy and scratchy, not-so-cool (literally and figuratively) jerseys are being replaced. You will all (except those poor old goalies and subs I guess) be draped in stylish Adidas outfits that will simply compel everyone to purchase matching shorts and socks.


As the Cardinals gather in Rome to choose a Pope, so to will the team captains attend their very own conclave to select the line-ups. If you are driving around town and you spot a few puffs of white smoke rising gracefully from the air vents at St. Owen’s Sportsdome, you can be sure that the announcement of this season’s line-ups will be imminent. Just which color Adidas cassock will the newly registered Beckam be tucking into his infamous underwear? Just where will the Grand Older Duke of Cork build his wall this year? These questions and more will soon be answered.


The Babysitter’s Club

The recent proliferation in soccer babies around the Truckee Meadows has got us thinking. A concern for many of our league members (and potential members) has been what to do with the all those baby Adidas samba clad rugrats. My initial thought of goalposts and duct tape was shot down by more sensitive folk but it strikes me that with all those babies and all those parents and all those soccer groupies we could coordinate some mutual sideline baby and toddler monitoring. Anyone with ideas on how to make this happen, please step forth with your thoughts.


Money, Money, Money

A polite reminder to those that have not yet coughed up the dough… If you chose to pay by check or cash and have not yet done so, please try to do so as soon as possible as many of our bills are paid upfront at the beginning of the season. Chances are you will find me at Home Field on a Monday evening, the Sportsdome on a Thursday evening or you can improve the chances of saving Saturday mail delivery by mailing your check to 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno NV 89523. Checks are payable to RSCSL. We do have some folk who tried to pay online but apparently failed; we will send you an email to try again or you can choose the option above.


Coming to a Soccer Field Near You

You may or may not have heard that there is soccer tournament being scheduled in our midst for the first weekend of June. I do not have all the details yet but be prepared for more specifics very soon. I just wanted to give you a heads up so you can maybe begin to assemble your very own team. As far as I know their will be open and senior divisions for coed teams and men’s teams.