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GoalPost Vol. 5 #11

posted Jun 25, 2014, 10:23 PM by Jim Magrogan

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The 10th Season

Vol. 5 # 11

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

Reggie: the Sequel

All the News Worth Making Up

Once Bitten, Thrice Shy

See You at Lamppost



If you have paid your fees, thank you. If you have not paid your registration fee, you MUST do so soon. The league depends on you. You can go online to to pay by credit card, or you can mail a check to the RSCSL at 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno NV 89523 or you can deliver to me in person at the fields or at the Sportsdome. Or give it to your skippers.


Thursday June 19th  Results - standings attached

Chaingang 3 v 2 Bhoys & Ghirls            

Paperless Tigers 2 v 2 Quattro                         

Euro Envy 1 v 2 Surgical Strikers                              

Golden Slumbers 1 v 5 OBG Stoners                

Real Studs 1 v 1 Wright Stuff                          


Games Thursday June 26th

Chaingang v Quattro                                  South Valleys Lower 2

Paperless Tigers v Wright Stuff                       South Valleys Lower 1

Euro Envy v OBG Stoners                              South Valleys Upper 2

Golden Slumbers v Bhoys & Ghirls                Bishop Manogue

Surgical Strikers v Real Studs                        South Valleys Upper 1


“Ouch, Ouch, Luis bit me, ouch Luis, Luis…” not the same ring as Charlie maybe, but still, “Luis bit me and it realllllly hurrrrts”

Sorry it is late again, but another trip to California. This time a weekend of debauchery with the Reno Hurricanes travelling coed team… toss in the World Cup and as Luis Suarez might say it was “love at first overbite”. And apparently I am told I snore at a decibel level comparable to a 5000cc Harley; all pure fabrication of course.


Take a look at last week’s results with consideration for the Slumbers injury/absence crisis and you can see there really is some parity in the league. I will refrain from comment and allow the table and scoring charts to speak for themselves while adding that  England were robbed and that there is a new Italian dish, Chiellini Milanese, now available in restaurants across Montevideo; a favorite of Luis Suarez.


And just in case I forget “I believe that Reggie “Scenic Route” Bolden will win,,,”


My Dinner with Ochoa (Andrew)

So, congratulations to a local youth soccer team who have made it to Nationals in the east. League members Marco “the thunder from down under” Merlo and Mike “ex-Golden Boot”

Reynolds are heavily involved with the team and currently working at the how-to-pay-for-it aspects of this fine achievement. To that note the league will have a raffle of some kind at Lamppost after tomorrow’s games. So come on down, bring a few greenbacks and we will help them out. First prize is dinner with me, second prize two dinners with me….. Hopefully, you all saw Mike Reynolds’ letter too.


Indoorpalosers (and winners). (If you are still playing at my age, you are a winner)

Hopefully, you all saw Owen’s announcement concerning the next indoor session. It starts next week for coed masters on a Tuesday and really old guys on a Monday/Tuesday. Go to to enter a team or find a team.



At South Valleys – a pair of well-seasoned grey male loafers paired nicely with a 16oz can of Chateau de Arizona Iced Tea. Got ‘em in my garage.


McQueen Soccer Reunion

Please see attached invite. If you have a connection to McQueen HS soccer check out the attached invite and PASS it along. If you are not attached to McQueen Soccer, but know someone who is, please share this with them.


Soccer Golf

When playing soccer itself becomes just too much check this out



A Few Rule Reminders


1.    You do NOT need permission from the ref to sub in/out but you should wait for a dead ball situation to do so.

2.    There is no slide TACKLING. You can slide to save or reach a ball so long as it is not considered dangerous to another player by the referee. Goalkeepers can slide in the box but such slides are governed by the standard rules of the game. i.e. take someone out and it is a foul!

3.    Red cards – the carded player is done for the game but he/she CAN be subbed.





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