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Goalpost Vol. 5 #6

posted May 22, 2014, 7:55 AM by Jim Magrogan   [ updated May 23, 2014, 10:29 AM ]

The Goalpost

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The 10th Season

Vol. 5 #6

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

Reggie: the Sequel

All the News Worth Making Up

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Sorry it is a wee bit late


UEFA Champions League Final


Real Madrid vs. Athletico Madrid

Saturday May 24th at the Sportsdome

Kick off – Coverage begins at 11am. Kick off 1130am ish.

Should be a cracking good match, see you there to enjoy the fun.



If you have not paid your registration fee, you MUST do so soon. The league depends on you. You can go online to to pay by credit card, or you can mail a check to the RSCSL at 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno NV 89523 or you can deliver to me in person at the fields or at the Sportsdome. Or give it to your skippers.


Thursday May 22nd

Forecast – absolutely gorgeous footie weather with the going firm to medium

Chaingang v OBG Stoners                            Reno High

Paperless Tigers v Surgical Strikers    North Valleys 1

Euro Envy v Real Studs                      North Valleys 2

Golden Slumbers v Wright Stuff          Bishop Manogue

Bhoys & Ghirls v Quattro                    North Valleys 3


Thursday May 15th – Results – Standings Attached

Chaingang 4 v 4 Surgical Strikers                         

Paperless Tigers 2 v 1 Real Studs                           

Euro Envy 1 v 3 Bhoys & Ghirls                   

Golden Slumbers 1 v 2 Quattro                    

OBG Stoners 9 v 2 Wright Stuff


St. Theodore’s Day Massacre

Parity almost reigned last week. All the games at North Valley were tight as was the game at Bishop Manogue, then there was the game at Reno High…. Where the unbeaten OBG took on the faltering Wright Stuff in what has become known as St. Theodore’s (Patron Saint of Multiple Goalscorers) Massacare Day.  Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy< Teddy Chrissinger (sung to the tune of the famous Tottenham song; Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy, Teddy Sheringham ) netted 6 goals in the game to inject himself into the hunt for the cherished Golden Boot currently residing on E. Scott Morton’s mantle piece. Teddy’ s double hat-trick has secured him as place in the record books breaking Mike “Golden Hair” Reynolds “never-say-never to be broken” long-standing 5 goals in one game record. Teddy’s joins the likes of Bob Beaman (I will buy a beer for the first person in person to tell me about Bob’s record) and Michael Phelps in the Great Basin Book of World Records.


Is A Sleeping Giant About to be Awakened?

Down the freeway of love (580) the Slumbers continue to hibernate but in a narrow loss to the now firing on all cyclinders Quattro it does look like the coffee is kicking in; with a fully fit roster the Slumbers may well have a lot to say in who emerges as this seasons victors.


Henriksen’s Heroes

After a traumatic two weeks the Bhoys & Ghirls came out to play addressing dressing room politics and internal crises, to keep their title challenge and unbeaten record intact. A solid 3-1 victory over the still injury-ridden Euro Envy keeps them in contention with the other highly favored green team. But when it comes to being green with envy the highlights are the territory of the heroic Henriksen clan. A shot of Messianic proportions by the always puzzling Henriksen left even the always stellar Cesar “Ochoa” Sanchez rooted the ground. Meanwhile, down the other end Mark “Hipster”Johnson saved a shot from Scott McScotty McAndrew that led the McKiwi somewhat speechless (not an easy task) but not so much that he could not sent me an email praising the Hipster’s hypnotic moment.


La Reign of Terror

Way over yonder a top of the table battle took on epic proportions. The Chaingang took on a comfortable 2 nil lead over the Strikers and were maybe a wee bit guilty of slipping into cruise control which allowed Dr Nick with the precision of a trauma surgeon to open the Chaingang to pull it back to 2-2. Sparked back into life the ‘Gang  slipped back into gear to again create a two-goal advantage. But a third Strikers’ goal from the Fonz, sorry the Pons, set the stage for history. Enter stage-right Larene Barrett. Deep into the game Larene picked up the ball about 55 yards out to let rip a deceptive daisy cutter. The ball left her foot around the 88th minute and found its way through a maze of players to hit the back of the net around the 2nd minute of time added-on, leaving the dumb-founded  Reggie “You Have Got to be “effing” Kidding Me” M. Bolden to come forth with a cacophony of his infamous one-liners.


Tigers Claw Back Studs’Advantage

Sandwiched between, the Tigers and Studs kept it close. Jason “Old King” Goal was a merry old soul when he put the Studs ahead with a delicate chip worthy of the 18th at Augusta but the turning point came when Studs somewhat-super-sub Jeremiah “Ross Barkley” Grant pulled a “Barnes”,  sorry a “Beckham”, when he skyed a spot kick that has yet to land in Pyramid Lake just as sideline(d) color commentator (yours truly) called it (ask Mike). This set the stage for Beto “full-moon” Luna to take control slotting home two goals to inject the Tigers right back into the title race.



A Few Rule Reminders


1.    You do NOT need permission from the ref to sub in/out but you should wait for a dead ball situation to do so.

2.    There is no slide TACKLING. You can slide to save or reach a ball so long as it is not considered dangerous to another player by the referee. Goalkeepers can slide in the box but such slides are governed by the standard rules of the game. i.e. take someone out and it is a foul!

3.    Red cards – the carded player is done for the game but he/she CAN be subbed.



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