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Goalpost Volume 4 #11

posted Jun 9, 2013, 9:13 PM by Jim Magrogan

The Goalpost

Vol. 4 #11

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

All the News That is Worth Making Up

Dairy of a Dreamer, Make That Diary




July 31st 2013 San Francisco Everton (EPL) vs. Juventus (Serie A)

Not as good as watching Tottenham of course but if you have the time and the inclination this might be an enjoyable game to see. It is on a weekday evening which could prove a challenge but if you are interested use this link. Thanks Klaus.



I still cannot give a definitive answer (gbysl, scheduling and I do not know what, seem to make it impossible to get exact answers), but I am hoping for June 13th as the switch to South Valley.


Match Day 8 Results



Golden Slumbers 2 v 4 Euro Envy


Bhoys & Ghirls 5 v 5 OBG Stoners


Chaingang 0 v 1 Real Studs


Team quattro 4 v 1 Wright Stuff


Slashers 3 v 1 Paper Tigers


Only a mere 26 goals this week but the results prove the season is not over; the race for the Dunning Cup and Golden Boot is still very much alive, especially considering my triple hatrick last week which has rocketed me to the dizzy heights of the goalscorer’s table.


Paper Tigers Take a Shredding

It was, I believe Mick Hucknell of Simply Red, that serenaded us about rolling back the years way back in the mid-80s. Well, donning a simply red shirt Ray “born in the 1800’s” Connolly rolled up his sleeves, rolled back the years and rolled back the Tiger’s defense with a master class of ball handling not seen since Stanley Matthews teased and tormented defenses sometime in the middle-ages when Ray got all his football news from stone tablets, that is stone tablets not ipads. Leading the charge Ray halted the Slashers recent slump and tamed the timid tigers leading them to a convincing 3-1 victory


Tickets Please

I guess it depends on where you were standing but let’s go with Beyonce and say it was “to the left” on the now fading Spirograph where the Chaingang huffed and puffed but could not blow Marc “pick it out of the net” Picker’s house down. The ‘gang laid siege to the Studs defense but all they could find was a cul-de-sac named Picker’s Place; not even Reggie “scenic route, day trip, walkabout” Bolden buying a one way ticket to the other end could out flank the Studs’ rear guard action. Battered and bruised after last week’s brutal encounter with the central European hordes the Studs stood firm as if they had stuck some 2x4’s down their spines (that is spines not shorts) and bought Mircea the Merciless a one way ticket to Bucharest (or is it that paradise?). Missing the marauding Moldovan marksmen, the ‘gang just had nothing upfront and could not overcome the first half communication breakdown that paved the way for Marshall “Usain Bolt” Carrasco’s breakaway goal.


quattro Crusin’, Wright Stuff Stallin’

Determined to get their campaign back in the fast lane Team q eased through the gears at Lake Stead to put themselves back on track for European qualification comfortably dispatching the Stuff 4-1. League debutant Tracy “PK” Galloway is getting some traction with a two-goal tally catapulting her toward the top of the scoring charts. It is becoming apparent that come the upcoming season indoor season and next year’s outdoor draft “PK” can begin to name her price.


Green and Bare It

Down at the Pastures the Bhoys & Ghirls are beginning to discover some form, putting 5 by the Stoners. Unfortunately the Stoners did the same at the other end. But all the drama of this 10 goal thriller was eclipsed by the return of the Prodigal Son, namely Alan’s “Ball” McWatt who for the very first time in his footballing life was obliged to wear a green jersey. For a true blue Rangers fan this is a bitter pill to swallow (almost as bitter as last season’s relegation to the 4th tier of Scottish football which is only one division higher than the RSCSL) and within a moment of kick-off he was breaking out in hives and it was Scott McAndrew’s knee that felt most of Alan’s pain. Alan dare not tell his dad of this sacrilege.


Drag Queens Not Required

The news this last week has been full of reports of the gender gap being closed but last week at Manogue it took some emergency construction to bridge that gap. A fateful alignment of injury, road trips, and work commitments left the Slumbers with a gender crisis. After some lengthy cajoling and late night recruiting, enough ladies were mustered so that the likes of Arbogast, Barainca and Evans would not be forced into a late afternoon shave and some sports bras. Despite going down 4-2 to the Envy the Slumbers’ makeshift line-up proved that this campaign is far from done and dusted. And we all know who does the dusting…


Match Day 9 Schedule


Gonna be hot. Take in fluids.



Golden Slumbers v Real Studs


Bishop Manogue HS


Wright Stuff v OBG Stoners


Reno HS


Bhoys & Ghirls v Paper Tigers


North Valley 1


Team quattro v Slashers


North Valley 2


Chaingang v Euro Envy


North Valley 3


Post Game Refreshment

As we seemed to give up on Coney so Coney gave up on us. As things stand it would be very hit or miss going to Coney Island so I suggest this to those looking for some post game revelry; either join the Bishop Manogue crowd at Lamppost if you are heading south or the Reno High crowd at Truckee Meadows Bar and Grill if you are wanting something more central. If you have other suggestions, let me know. When we are all in the south we can all gather at Lamppost.


Money, Money, Money

My nagging paid dividends. I have been able cross quite a few folk of the list, but still a few to go. You can find me at the Sportsdome on Tuesday, go to the website and pay on line, mail me a check to 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno NV, 89523 or bring it to me or your captain on a Thursday evening.


Letting Your Captain(s) Know

We cannot emphasize how important it is to let your captains know about your attendance at games each week. It really helps with the planning, cuts down on last minute scrambling on a Wednesday night and Thursday morning for subs, and making sure we can get the subs as many games as possible while not creating dug out overpopulation.