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Goalpost Volume 4 #12

posted Jun 27, 2013, 9:05 AM by Jim Magrogan

The Goalpost

Vol. 4 #11

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

All the News That is Worth Making Up

Dairy of a Dreamer, Make That Diary



July 31st 2013 San Francisco Everton (EPL) vs. Juventus (Serie A)

Not as good as watching Tottenham of course but if you have the time and the inclination this might be an enjoyable game to see. It is on a weekday evening which could prove a challenge but if you are interested use this link. Thanks Klaus.



We will be switching to South Valleys this week June 13th. There will still be one game each week at Bishop Manogue.


Match Day 10 Schedule


As I type, we are looking at fantastic conditions to greet our southerly migration. Again you are welcome for the fantastic atmospheric conditions I have arranged all season long.



Golden Slumbers v Paper Tigers


Bishop Manogue HS


Euro Envy v OBG Stoners


South Valley Lower 1


Chaingang v Team quattro


South Valley Upper 2


Real Studs v Wright Stuff


South Valley Upper 1


Bhoys & Ghirls v Slashers


South Valley Lower 2


The fields numbered 1 are the closest to Wedge Parkway. Also it may be advisable to take freeway to Wedge and double back. There is the potential for delays on Arrowcreek due to some construction.


The Next FAQs…


Are there games July 4th? NO. If you wish to play pick up feel free to organize it!


Are there going to be playoffs? Not sure!


Post Game Refreshment

I would always encourage you to hydrate prior to kick off, in fact I encourage you to hydrate after the final whistle too (responsibly of course). Now that we are at South Valleys hopefully we can kick start post-game revelry. Our post-game venue is Lamppost Pizza near RC Willey. With longer summer evenings, school being out plus a team and kid friendly venue I hope we will see good turnouts. I have no scientific data to back this up but it seems that once we get to South Valleys the tone of the league improves and even the importance of results diminishes. I have to say when you share a beverage with someone who just trounced you or kicked the beejeebers out of your shins all that animus just seems to evaporate along with the sweat. So, I encourage you to come on down as frequently as possible.


To expand on this - some feedback I have had this year is a belief that some are placing more importance on winning than good sportsmanship; so I just want to remind everyone that we are playing for the Dunning Cup not the Jules Rimet trophy (oh yes this is America I have to say the World Cup). OK all you smarty pants out there do not start sending me emails on the technicality of what is the Jules Rimet trophy. Others say it is not a social league anymore; well my response to that is that I think it is as social as you want it to be. Those who share a beer or two after games are very social…!


Match Day 9 Results


Golden Slumbers 8 v 0 Real Studs

Wright Stuff 1 v 4 OBG Stoners

Bhoys & Ghirls 4 v 2 Paper Tigers

Team quattro 1 v 1 Slashers

Chaingang 2 v 2 Euro Envy


There was a symphony of sorts at North Valley last week. Hamstrings pinged, ankles twanged, Scotsmen “och the noo’ed”, Kiwis chanted Hakas, Liverpudlians said “what the @#$&” as the ball whizzed through their palms, tigers roared, refs blew, and the wind whispered gently through the nets all in almost perfect harmony. It was a perfect soundtrack for a relaxing hour at Massage Envy (how is that for product placement?). To me it had the delightful tones of Mozart. With two ties and one closely fought game the evening sung of a song of blissful parity between teams even if there was a faint chorus of “pass me the ball for something hell’s sake” echoing off Peavine.


Title & Loan

Out-shooting the title chasing Envy 500 to 4 the Chaingang were beginning to whistle a familiar tune of “not a bloody again” as they found themselves trailing 2-1 late after a towering header from on loan sub Brad “hey I am almost a dad” Corn* left Reggie “don’t go breaking my heart Reginald Dwight” Bolden in anchored to the line and in tears. But the aqua men and women kept on workin’ for that Chaingang and Melissa “super sub” Brewer finished delightfully to tie things up at 2-2. But there was still time for the Envy to shovel on the pain as Brad Corn went in uno-to-uno on the still tearful Bolden. Maybe it was the bluetooth in Corn’s ear (get it) announcing his wife had gone into labor but somehow Corn lost his cool that gave Bolden the chance to make the greatest save of his so far brief career between the sticks. A 2-2 final; proving that the Orient Express can be derailed.

Footnotes - * Brad is now a dad.


To Kinda Quote Joni Mitchell

Despite conflicting reports from eye witnesses and referee cards I am going with this storyline from NV2 where Team quattro and the Slashers game concluded with a 1-1 tie. Apparently it was the Chad “I’ve scored for both sides now” Reynolds who scored at the same end twice, unfortunately for Chad as you decode this conundrum in combination with a 1-1 scoreline means you must conclude that Chad notched one more OG to his career tally.


Bhoys & Ghirls Come Out to Play to Tame the Tiggers

After a sputtering start to the season B&G are finally beginning to show some of last season’s promise; in a ding-dong battle with the always bouncy, trouncy, competitive but apparently luckless Tiggers, B&G extended their unbeaten run to 4 games at the now faded Spirograph.


Duffy Dynasty Dominates

Down at the pastures OBG are finally beginning to experience the success the Duffy Dynasty has craved. With the appointment of Roberto Mancini as their new manager and a new lease on life for their aging superstars Peter “Francis Lee” Duffy, Gary “ring my Colin Bell” Albright, Ron “Mike Summerbee” Jones and Elaine “Bert Trautman” Duffy the mysteriously named OBG notched another victory upon the goal post of life as they comfortably dispatched the Wright Stuff whose rollercoaster season recorded yet another 4-1 scoreline. With south valleys now on the schedule will OBG be able to sustain their recent form as they begin their away schedule?


Down in Slumberland (I believe on a last chance powerdrive) 

Buoyed last week’s stunning victory over the Chaingang the Studs hit the road full of confidence as they headed south for the plastic pastures and palm trees awaiting them at Bishop Manogue. Alas they came up against the Slumbers soured by last week’s defeat at the hands of the remnants of the Hapsburg Empire. To cut a long story short it was an 8-0 massacre that prompted some Studs to take to Facebook to air their grievances. Somehow I think the re-match might weave a different tail.


Money, Money, Money

My nagging paid dividends. I have been able cross quite a few folk of the list, but still a few to go. You can find me at the Sportsdome on most Tuesdays, go to the website and pay on line, mail me a check to 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno NV, 89523 or bring it to me or your captain on a Thursday evenings at the fields or Lamppost.


Letting Your Captain(s) Know

I cannot emphasize how important it is to let your captains know about your attendance at games each week. It really helps with the planning, cuts down on last minute scrambling on a Wednesday night and Thursday morning for subs, and making sure we can get the subs as many games as possible while not creating dug out overpopulation.