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Goalpost Volume 4 #13

posted Jun 27, 2013, 9:06 AM by Jim Magrogan

The Goalpost

Vol. 4 #13

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

All the News That is Worth Making Up

Dairy of a Dreamer, Make That Diary

Deep Dish



See you at Lamppost (near RC Willey) after the game.

Great turn out last week; let’s make it even better this week.


Match Day 10 Schedule


With even fantastic weather on tap.



Golden Slumbers v Bhoys & Ghirls


Bishop Manogue HS


Real Studs v OBG Stoners


South Valley


Chaingang v Wright Stuff


South Valley


Euro Envy v Slashers


South Valley


Team quattro v Paper Tigers


South Valley


The Next FAQs…


Are there games July 4th? NO. If you wish to play pick up feel free to organize it!


Are there going to be playoffs? Not sure!


Match Day 10 Results


Golden Slumbers 2 v 3 Paper Tigers

Euro Envy 3 v 6 OBG Stoners

Chaingang 1 v 8 Team quattro

Real Studs 3 v 6 Wright Stuff

Bhoys & Ghirls 2 v 4 Slashers


Southern Comfort (for me at least)

The table has turned. With Euro Envy relinquishing their unbeaten record and the Slumbers stumbling; the question of who will take the Dunning Cup this season has got a lot harder to answer. The gap between the top team and bottom team has not changed. Mathematically everyone is still in it, although not all teams are in control of their destiny the captains are considering vetoing any vacation requests as the business end of the season approaches. Well it is not approaching, it has arrived. Last week’s results certainly prove the old adage about any given day when anything can happen.


A Slice of Pie or 2 or 8,  in fact a total of 38 slices served at the fields: even more at Lamppost

The vacation and injury stricken Chaingang would probably have preferred breaking rocks over what the ruthless Team quattro handed them. Seven goals in the first half spelt nothing but trouble for the Bolden-Galloway household. Reggie “left-out-to-dry” Bolden was served some humble pie (cold at that and without a topping) not only by quatrro as a whole but also a certain Ms. Tracy “top right (or left) corner” Galloway, who shall we say frequently carpools with the aforesaid Mr. Bolden. I am not even sure some après soccer hot apple pie and whipped cream could have made up for it. Bolden’s half time comments remain unprintable. To cut a long story short a stunning hatrick from league debutant Mindi Pons and a brace from husband Mork, sorry Darren, plus one from veteran Laurie Hadwick put the game to bed before Jackie Robinson had even showed up for the Slashers on the lower fields. Speaking of the Slashers the rejuvenated Ray “born in the 1800s” Connolly put on another master class to silence the somewhat rejuvenated Bhoys and Ghirls 4-2, and for once Dan “Jigsaw” Henriksen did not go to pieces in the box. Across the divide OBG “almost everyone born in the 1800s” Stoners served some humble apple schnitzel of their own with a 6-3 victory over the now (apple) crumbling Austro-Hungarian Empire. Back up top the Studs and Wright Stuff kept serving each other pie in a 9 goal thriller that was a lot closer than the 9 goal game on the adjacent field. Now that we have done the rounds at South Valley a slight detour to up the Road to BMHS where the moon was like a big pizza pie the upset of the season unfolded as the Paperless Tigers exacted a 3-2 revenge for the early season drumming at the feet of the Slumbers who seem to be fumbling with the snooze setting as of late. The Tigers could have won by even more if the Vintage Marco Merlo(t) could have decanted the Great Wall of Cork on at least one occasion.


Letting Your Captain(s) Know

I cannot emphasize how important it is to let your captains know about your attendance at games each week. It really helps with the planning, cuts down on last minute scrambling on a Wednesday night and Thursday morning for subs, and making sure we can get the subs as many games as possible while not creating dug out overpopulation.


See you at Lamppost (near RC Willey) after the game. Great turn out last week; let’s make it even better this week.