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Goalpost Volume 4 #3

posted Apr 8, 2013, 10:18 AM by Jim Magrogan

The Goalpost

Vol. 4 #3

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

Hyperbole a Plenty

Tottenham Hotspur: moral victors every season

Bumper Pre-Season Edition


The Weather Forecast

Forecasting the weather 7 days out (it’s the 4th as I write) at this time of year can be a fool’s game. Well, I guess I am ready to play with my trusty barometer and anemometer in hand. I am sticking my proverbial neck out to predict the Truckee Meadows around 6pm on Thursday April the 11th will experience temperatures in the low 70s (F, because this is America), light winds, with a partly cloudy sky (or if you are a half glass full kinda guy or gal, occasional sunshine). What more can you ask for? But just in case you may want to check next Wednesday evening. For those new to the league never assume a game will be cancelled despite what you see out of your office window at 5:30pm on a Thursday afternoon. As a general guideline if temperatures are above 32 degrees Fahrenheit (because this is America), wind speed is below 90mph and rain is falling at a rate less than an inch an hour games will go on…..


Captain, Your Captain

By now I hope everyone has heard from their team captains, and you know which team you have been assigned to. If you have not, check the website where you will find the rosters posted. Below is a table showing the teams, captains, colors etc. You may wish to check with your skippers about any fashion statement beyond that of matching jerseys. Although not required matching shorts and socks always add a nice touch, and referees love matching socks that contrast with the opposition’s matching socks.






Bhoys & Ghirls

Scott Morton

Jim Wilson



Tracy Mellison

Chad Mellison


Euro Envy

Birant Ramazan

Karen Lucas

Shawn Moshrefnoory

Wright Stuff

Peter Wallstrum

Sophie Hartley

Paul Gonzales

Paper Tigers

Tim Erlach

Justin Long


Team quattro

Kim Wilkins

Steve Calhoun


WSG Slashers

Jeremy Sumner

Mike Leavitt

Jackie Robinson

Golden Slumbers

Marian Vlad

Anna Thorburn


OBG Stoners

Santiago Esparza

Elaine Duffy


Real Studs

Kate Heeran

Dean Kasparian






The Final Countdown - Opening Day Schedule



Golden Slumbers v Paper Tigers


Bishop Manogue HS


Euro Envy v OBG Stoners


Reno HS


Real Studs v Wright Stuff


North Valley 1


Bhoys & Ghirls v Slashers


North Valley 2


Chaingang v Team quattro


North Valley 3


At this time of year kick off time is 6pm prompt. Illumination toward the end of the game is an issue. Without floodlights, military grade infrared night-vision goggles and my inability to tinker with the machinations of the Solar System it just starts to get bloody dark and it is very easy to lose a discarded shin guard, jock strap, or sports bra by 7:50pm. On a side note, from a referee’s perspective their visual limitations kick in around 5:59pm.


The Shirts on Your Back

Team jerseys will be available at the first game (unless your captains choose to get them to you sooner). Please note these jerseys are the property of the league and MUST be returned at the end of the season. This year we went the extra mile, upgrading to adidas jerseys. We need to make these last a few seasons. On that note some of you naughty boys and girls (not just the team) still have last year’s jerseys in your laundry basket. I am offering amnesty and anonymity if you get them to me before 6pm on April 11th.


For the Very First Time

If you are an RSCSL virgin, it is highly recommended that you take a “butchers” at the league rules at before your first game. Pay particular attention to the now infamous “6ft” rule. Now, there are as many interpretations of this rule as there are referees, with the rule stimulating as much discussion as goal line technology. The bottom line is “guys steer clear of the ladies” unless you are in the defensive 18 and you do not want to spend the night on the couch.


The Babysitter’s Club

The recent proliferation in soccer babies around the Truckee Meadows has got us thinking. A concern for many of our league members (and potential members) has been what to do with the all those baby Adidas samba clad rugrats. My initial thought of goalposts and duct tape was shot down by more sensitive folk but it strikes me that with all those babies and all those parents and all those soccer groupies we could coordinate some mutual sideline baby and toddler monitoring. Anyone with ideas on how to make this happen, please step forth with your thoughts.


Money, Money, Money

A polite reminder to those that have not yet coughed up the dough… If you chose to pay by check or cash and have not yet done so, please try to do so as soon as possible as many of our bills are paid upfront at the beginning of the season. Chances are you will find me at Home Field on a Monday evening, the Sportsdome on a Tuesday evening or you can improve the chances of saving Saturday mail delivery by mailing your check to 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno NV 89523. Checks are payable to RSCSL. Or maybe bring payment to the first game…


Coney Island and Beyond

It is the tradition (and maybe even the purpose) of the league to partake in a beverage with your fellow league members. As we have grown this has become a challenge especially in the first half of the season when school is still in (not next week though; spring break). The “official” post game watering hole for the first half of the season is the Reno landmark, Coney Island. They put on a tasty and reasonably priced buffet for us and, unlike last season when orange cones were a plenty, it is easy to reach – going east on 80 take the 4th street exit, turn right and you are there. I understand for those playing at Reno or Bishop Manogue other options might be preferable. If you cannot make it to Coney, hopefully your hosts, Golden Slumbers and OBG Stoners will invite you to join them wherever they choose to congregate. In the second half of the season we all go to Lamppost, not far from South Valleys near RC Willey.