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Goalpost Volume 4 #9

posted May 21, 2013, 9:16 AM by Jim Magrogan

The Goalpost

Vol. 4 #9

The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters

All the News That is Worth Making Up

Dairy of a Dreamer, Make That Diary


Post Game Refreshment

As we seemed to give up on Coney so Coney gave up on us. As things stand it would be very hit or miss going to Coney Island so I suggest this to those looking for some post game revelry; either join the Bishop Manogue crowd at Lamppost if you are heading south or the Reno High crowd at Truckee Meadows Bar and Grill if you are wanting something more central. If you have other suggestions, let me know. When we are all in the south we can all gather at Lamppost.

 Money, Money, Money

My nagging paid dividends. I have been able cross quite a few folk of the list, but still a few to go. You can find me at the Sportsdome on Tuesday, go to the website and pay on line, mail me a check to 5694 Tappan Drive, Reno NV, 89523 or bring it to me or your captian on a Thursday evening. Oh yeah, my Sicilian cousins are coming for Memorial Day weekend.

 Letting Your Captain(s) Know

We cannot emphasize how important it is to let your captains know about your attendance at games each week. It really helps with the planning, cuts down on last minute scrambling on a Wednesday night and Thursday morning for subs, and making sure we can get the subs as many games as possible while not creating dug out overpopulation.

 Match Day 6 Results



Golden Slumbers 1 v 2 Team quattro


Slashers 1 v 3 OBG Stoners


Chaingang 2 v 2 Bhoys & Ghirls


Euro Envy 5 v 1 Wright Stuff


Real Studs 1 v 4 Paper Tigers


Match Day 6 was not without its surprises.


Turbo Charge as Slumbers Stumble

The results certainly demonstrate that this season is far from over as Team quattro squashed any notions that the Slumbers were going to run away with it. Their 2-1 victory has set the Reno Coed Soccer scene a blaze with speculation and prompting vacation cancellations left right and center. Some players are simply being banned by their captains from taking vacations or getting injured until September. Messi of the Meadows is planning on postponing his honeymoon.

 Rock vs. Scissors

It was not the only surprise, at Reno Pastures the oldest boys and girls in all their sartorial splendor plus a little help from Ernesto “Ole” Oliden humbled the in form Slashers as Jordan “named for two countries” France chipped in with an exquisite free kick that left a record home crowd (Double D and Max – the Booth Street Hooligans) delirious.

 Surprises were also to be found in the outer limits of the twilight zone (north valleys).

 Braveheart – the Saga Continues

The Chaingang scored the fastest goal in league history (.005 seconds), even before the refs had finished blowing the kick off whistle, Sean “semper fi” McCanty was pulling a McSczesny (and that is not a hotdog sold at the Warsaw McDonalds) leaving a bewildered B&G squad wondering what was next. Next came a debut league goal for Rich “the Milky Bar Kid” Hollis and a two nil lead for the ‘Gang. But once again the ‘Gang faltered as B&G dug deep and rallied in the second half as if they were at Bannockburn. With Roberti the Bruce holding firm in the rear, McMorton and McMorales put two by the already legendary Reggie “who wears short shorts, scenic route, we will keep a welcome in the hillside Kevin Phillips Bong” Bolden. B&G can believe again in the promised-land.  

 Envy Rub the Wright Stuff the Wrong Way

At the Spirograph Euro Envy softened up the opposition with some aromatic oils, candles and new age music before pulverizing the unsuspecting Wright Stuff with a heavy touch of some central European man handling. The Envy’s emphatic NV victory combined with the Slumbers stumble has now catapulted them across the Purple Danube to the top of the table.

 Once Toothless Tigers Find Their Chops

At Lake Stead the Paper Tigers continued to roar.  Inspired by last week’s success the Tigers cut through the Studs like a Black and Decker through Swiss cheese. Two weeks ago a “W” for the PT’s was a rare commodity. It was another rare commodity, Chris King (he actually showed up), who roared loudest netting the first two goals by an Englishman in the league in goodness knows how long. Yes, the Tigers are no longer licking their wounds. Just like the big bad wolf they are ready to blow some houses down. This week will discover whether OBG have built their house from stone…

 Match Day 7 Schedule

 Listening to the rumblings a couple of weeks ago when some felt it was a wee bit too hot I dialed down the temperature last week, although some feared it might be wet and windy. I told these doubters their fretting was unnecessary and true to my word I delivered what some might consider perfect soccer conditions. Oddly and perhaps even ironically, North Valley was hit with a monsoon of sorts as the sprinklers kicked in to add some slickness to the surface. Hopefully, this matter has been dealt with and we can look forward to another evening of ideal conditions. I have arranged for temps in the mid-sixties and for the wind to be absent before kick off.



Golden Slumbers v Chaingang


Bishop Manogue HS


OBG Stoners v Paper Tigers


Reno HS


Euro Envy v Real Studs


North Valley 2


Team quattro v Bhoys & Ghirls


North Valley 1


Wright Stuff v Slashers


North Valley 3



That dashingly good looking, debonair, fashion guru and sweeper for the OBG Stoners, Santiago Esparza, will be hosting his summer soccer camps to support the Reno High Soccer Program again this year. So if you want to see your kid hone his or her soccer skills or you just need somewhere to leave them (just kidding) you may want to check out the attached flyer.