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The Goalpost Vol. 3 #1

posted Feb 6, 2012, 9:20 PM by Peter Wallstrum
The Goalpost
Vol. 3 #1
The Mother of All Coed Soccer Newsletters
Reno Senior Coed Soccer League 2012
The 8th Season
One more season and we tie Seinfeld!
Get Those Woolly Undies Ready
With the weather playing tricks it is easy to wonder why we are not playing outdoor soccer already. In only a couple of months we will all be wondering why we are playing outdoor when winter finally sweeps across the chilly plains of north Reno.
It might only be February, but it is time to open up the old kit bag, give it a dose of Febreze and finally wash those socks you packed away last August and prepare to register for the RSCSL’s 8th season.
What You Need to Know
Basic Schedule
The season will begin in Mid-April (12th or 19th) with games as always on a Thursday evening. The first half of the season will be played at North Valleys Regional Park and (hopefully) Reno High School. The second half of the season will be played at South Valleys Regional Park. The switch to South Valley will be sometime in mid-June.
Registration Fees
There will be a modest increase in player fees. You probably would not have noticed if I had not mentioned it! The fact is the county is in fiscal disarray (who knew?) so it has consequently doubled the field fees. I believe the league can absorb some of this increase but it has been forced to pass on some of the increase to the players. Nonetheless, the league still offers the lowest dollars per game fee of any league in town – indoor or outdoor, adult or youth.
            Regular Player = $90.00 for season.
            Substitute Player = $30.00 for season.
A “regular player” is placed on a team roster and is guaranteed to play in every game.
A “substitute player” is assigned to a team’s sub list but is not guaranteed a game each week; they will be invited to play by the team’s captain when needed. Occasionally a substitute player may also be loaned to another team when needed. Substitutes who have good availability will see a lot games.
Registration Time Table
            Returning regular 2011 season players
                                    Registration opens Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
                                    (do not attempt before 7th)
            2011 season substitutes wishing to register as “regular” players for 2012
                                    Registration opens Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
            New players
                                    Registration opens Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
            Players only wishing to be substitutes
                                    Registration opens Tuesday, February 7th, 2012.
Registration will continue until all 8 team rosters positions are filled. If you register as a regular player after all positions are filled, we will contact you to see if you wish to be a sub. Do not worry; you will not be out of pocket if rosters are filled.
History has taught us that if you act promptly in accordance with the registration schedule you will be OK. Do not delay. Don’t be like Newt – he forgot to register for the Virginia primary until it was too late…
If you know anyone interested in playing, send them to the website.
The league recognizes that you may wish to play on the same team as friends but we can only guarantee that you will be on the same team as a “significant other”. As you know we are a social league; you join as players not as teams. We strive to create even teams and provide the opportunity for you to play with new faces and make hopefully make lasting friendships. Anyhow, we are all friends and we cannot just have one really big team! If we go beyond “couples”, the team creation process as well as team management can become very complicated.
Questions - contact me at
Last Year’s Uniforms
If you have been a bad girl or bad boy by not returning your jersey from last year, the league will grant you amnesty so long as you get it back to me ASAP. Contact me at Don’t assume you will have the same jersey this year, plus an inventory needs to be taken of our uniforms. Recycling the uniforms keeps expenses down.
Want to Help?
If you would like to get involved with running the league, creating a summer coed tournament, or being a team captain, we need your assistance. Contact me at
We are also always looking for sponsors. If you have your own business or think your employer or a friend might be interested drop me a line, you know where by now!