Any males who haven't registered already must register as a sub as we have filled up all of the male roster spots. Females are free to keep registering as full time players.

To register, first fill out the registration form below, then pay using the options next to the registration survey (please submit the form once per person that needs to be registered. When paying, though, you can combine payments for multiple players by adding the necessary amounts to your "shopping cart").

We have setup an online payment system again this year; if you'd like to pay online, you can find the links to do so below this form. If you would like to pay in cash, please contact Andrew Tolley at 775-787-2861; if you'd rather mail a check, please mail it within 10 days to:

Reno Senior Coed Soccer League (RSCSL)
5694 Tappan Drive
Reno, NV 89523

Registration fees:
Returning Full Time Player:  $120
New Full Time Player:  $120
Returning as a Substitute:  $30
New Substitute Player:  $30

As part of the registration process please provide an accurate ranking of your soccer proficiency. We will use this ranking to help create teams that are as even as possible. Avoid delusion - be as realistic as possible, do not overrate or underrate yourself. Consider your experience, fitness, athleticism, ball skills, speed, vision, age and if possible to how you compare to others of your gender in the league - all those attributes that make you either the next Pele or Mia Hamm or otherwise...

*If you are paying online, please fill out and submit the form below, then pay using the button(s) on the right side of the form.  You can pay for multiple players together by adding the items to your cart before checking out.*

Registration Form

Returning Player ($120): 

New Player ($120): 

Returning Sub ($30): 

New Sub ($30)