League History

“Health, fun, and friendship on and off the field”

"The original Senior league was formed in 2005 as a socially competitive environment to foster lasting friendships between adult female and male soccer players through a spirit of good sportsmanship and camaraderie. The playing rules of the league enable players of all ability levels to actively participate in a team sporting event that values the inclusion of all and strives to generate family and community involvement both on and off the field." - Andrew Dunning

The RSCSL is originally a “senior” coed league that offers players a chance to continue playing beyond their more competitive years. Are females really senior when they turn 25? Well, not really but in order to guarantee a large enough pool of female players the league founders believed it was necessary to make this the age requirement.

The above quotation by one of the league’s founders – Andrew Dunning – really says it all but it should be noted that the league emphasizes participation over winning. Yes, we all like to win but if you are so fiercely competitive that victory comes before all else then this is probably not the league for you. The continued success of this league hinges on respect for all those around us – teammates, opponents, officials, and fans. We must always be on our best behavior. If folk do not enjoy the soccer game on a Thursday night, they won’t come back…it is as simple as that.

The league was founded in 2005 when it became apparent to a few older gentlemen that if they did not act themselves there would soon be nowhere for them to play soccer – it was becoming increasingly and tragically apparent they no longer had the legs for the area’s existing leagues.

It began with 4 teams but has since doubled in size and is currently the only outdoor coed soccer league in the Reno-Sparks area. Players do not enter with a team, they enter as individuals; players can be grouped with family members and partners if requested. Teams are created every season from scratch with every attempt made to make them as evenly balanced as possible.

The season runs from mid-April until late August with games played every Thursday evening at 6pm. The schedule only changes due to unforeseeable circumstances. In the entire history of the league all the games have been played on Thursday evenings!

Each team plays each other twice during the season for a total of 18 games. Three points are awarded for a win and one point for a tie. There are tiebreakers in place should teams finish on the same number of points. An 18 game season does not allow time for play-offs, so the champions are awarded the Dunning Cup, while the team finishing 5th will be awarded the "Silver Lining" trophy.

The league encourages all players to join each Thursday evening after the games at the designated watering hole. We firmly believe that the “after game” is crucial to the league’s continued success. All those heated moments on the field can be extinguished over a friendly beverage. From time to time through the season the league also organizes additional events that we encourage all players to participate in.