After registering with the league as a substitute player, you will be assigned to a specific team’s sub list. The captain(s) of that team will invite you to play when needed. There are no guarantees of a game each week but if you are available on a regular basis you will almost certainly see a lot of games. Additionally, when other teams are missing both regular roster players and their substitutes, you may on occasion be asked by your captain to play for another team, should your regular team not require you for that week.

Your captain(s) will contact you when you are needed as a sub. Obviously this can happen at any time during the week, potentially right up until game time (but hopefully sooner!). If you have not heard from your captain(s) by the Monday or Tuesday before a game, you are certainly encouraged to be pro-active to find out whether you are needed.

Your captain(s) will contact you directly when you are needed to play. In order to make sure everyone is on the same page, please do not accept any invitations from other teams directly; your captain(s) must approve the “loan”!

When regular roster positions open up on a team, those players registered as subs will be given the opportunity to “upgrade”. A pro-rated fee will be determined for the upgrade.

Those subs registering exclusively as goalkeepers will be kept on a separate list. They will be potentially used by all teams. Goalkeeper sub placements will be coordinated by the league.

If you have any questions or concerns about subbing during the season, please discuss them with your captain(s) first. If you need to discuss the matter further, contact Andrew Tolley at or 775-787-2861. Any issues will be handled in confidence.