League Rules

Player Eligibility

The RSCSL is a senior soccer league for male players over 35 and female players over 25. Ages are determined by the player’s age on December 31st of the season year, for example a player who turns 35/25 by December 31st 2022 is eligible for the 2022 season.

A male player under 35 but over 30 can be accepted into the league if they only play as a goalkeeper.

Due to the evolution of the league some age exceptions have been made in past seasons. Responding to player feedback the league now intends to minimize these exceptions.

The RSCSL does reserve the right to adjust these age requirements should there be a need for more players to fill each roster.

All players in the substitute pool must also meet the age requirements.


Teams will be issued jerseys.

All though not required teams are encouraged to coordinate short and sock colors. We recommend the sock color be the same as the shirt.

Consistent and distinguishable sock color is preferred by referees – it helps them to make better calls. We encourage teams to all wear the same color shorts and socks.

Shinguards are required. A player taking the field without shinguards will be asked to leave the field by the referee. They cannot return until properly equipped. A substitute can replace the exiting player.

Goalkeepers should wear jerseys that are sufficiently different to both teams.

Game Rules

RSCSL uses standard soccer rules with the following variations:

  • No slide tackling.

    • A slide tackle is penalized with a direct free-kick.

    • Repeated slide tackling by a player can lead to disciplinary action by the referee.

    • A slide tackle in the penalty area will result in a penalty kick.

  • Maximum of 6 male players can be on the playing at anyone time, this includes the goalkeeper. If a female is in goal, 6 male players can be on the outfield.

  • Male players cannot tackle female players in control of the ball except within the final “defensive” 18 yard zone of the field (a line stretching across the top of the penalty box to both touchlines).

    • Male players should back off 6 feet from the female player when she has control. See interpretation below.

    • A direct free kick is awarded for tackling a female or encroaching within 6 feet.

    • Repeated violation of this rule is a cardable offense.

    • Interpretation of 6ft Rule

This rule is open to much interpretation, and has caused disputes on and off the field!

The intention of this rule is to encourage less experienced female players to participate in the league and feel protected from those male players who from time-to-time forget that this is primarily a recreational environment rather than a hyper-competitive one. For the league to thrive, it is vital less experienced female players participate.

It is recommended that male players interpret the rule with its spirit in mind. By backing off and not pushing the limits of the law or creating “grey” areas, players can leave the referee with no call to make. Now that makes it easy!

Control means where the referee believes the player has reasonable ability to pass, shoot or dribble the ball.

If a female with the ball moves toward a male, he must make a reasonable effort to move aside. If he simply blocks her progress, a foul can be called.

Male players can track a female with the ball until they reach the 18 yard line where they can make a legitimate challenge. They must remain the required 6ft away until they reach the line, encroachment can be deemed a foul by the referee.

Male players can back off to 6ft behind the 18 yard line and then make a challenge when the female enters the 18 yard zone.

If they are in any doubt, referees are recommended to make the call in favor of the female player.

  • If a female player is fouled in the attacking half of the field, the resulting free kick MUST be taken by a female player, including penalty kicks.

    • Free kicks awarded in the defensive half of the field can be taken by any gender.

    • Free kicks or penalty kicks awarded for a hand ball can be taken by either gender.

  • Unlimited substitutions can be made during stoppages (Goal kicks, throw-ins, injuries, free kicks, kick-offs, corners).

  • See below for rules governing player discipline.

Player Discipline


The Reno Senior Coed League is based on good sportsmanship and healthy competition. We want to remind players that no matter how unfair any particular situation may seem, it is only a game. Players MUST accept a referee’s decision and just get on with the game. Not all decisions are good ones, but over the course of a game or a season the good and bad decisions even out - so why bother complaining? Likewise we expect all players to play a clean game, abide by the rules and always remove themselves from potential confrontations.

The single biggest complaint the league receives from referees is not about foul or overly aggressive play, but rather about players simply choosing to dispute decisions and then going on and on about it!

Teams are encouraged to be proactive with player discipline. For example if a player is becoming increasingly agitated, it is advised that the player be substituted until he/she has calmed down sufficiently. The league firmly believes self-policing can be crucial in maintaining a positive environment and preventing “ugly” situations that force referees to use cards to control the game.

Managing Discipline

Referees will use blue, yellow and red cards as they deem necessary in accordance with the laws of the game. The league is encouraging referees to use cards to control dissent and ill-mannered behavior by players directed toward other players or officials or spectators. Players on the sidelines are also subject to disciplinary action.

A Blue Card can be shown by a referee to serve as a warning to a player to stop a certain behavior or on the next occasion a stronger punishment will be dealt. Blue cards are not recorded and do not accumulate.

Yellow Card offenses can include:

  • Dangerous or reckless play

  • Persistent foul play

  • Dissent

Straight Red Card (sometimes referred to as a Hard Red Card) offenses can include:

  • Deliberate handball

  • Dangerous and reckless play

  • The “last” defender deliberately fouling to prevent a scoring opportunity

  • Retaliation

  • Foul and abusive language and behavior directed at other players, spectators or officials

  • Dissent

Card Penalties During the Game

  • A blue-carded player MUST leave the field for a minimum of 2 minutes but CAN be substituted.

  • A yellow-carded player MUST leave the field for a minimum of 5 minutes but CAN be substituted.

  • A player receiving a second yellow card in the same game also receives a “soft” red and can take NO further part in the game but CAN be substituted.

  • A “straight” red-carded player can take no further part in the game but CAN be substituted.

Additional Straight Red Card Penalties

  • Teams will have ONE POINT DEDUCTED from their league standing for each hard red card received by their players.


A “straight” red-carded player is suspended for TWO games. The suspension will appy to the next scheduled two games. If the next games are postponed or cancelled, the suspension carries over to the next two games. Repeat offenders could be subject to EXPULSION from the league as deemed necessary by the league committee on review of the transgression. If a player is expelled from the league, a new player from the substitute pool will be allocated to expelled player’s team.

A player accumulating three yellow cards will receive a ONE game suspension. The suspension will apply to the next scheduled game. If the next game is postponed or cancelled, the suspension carries over to the next game. After the first suspension, each subsequent yellow card earns an automatic one game suspension for the next game.

Disciplinary Committee

When required, a league disciplinary committee will be convened to evaluate punishments and appeals for red card offenders. After review the committee will vote on a decision which will be final. The committee will be comprised of 5 representative league members.