Open League Rules


The games will be a 7 a-side format played on half-size fields with smaller goals. Games will be comprised of 30-minute halves.

Player Eligibility

This league is open to players 21 years and older (turning 21 during the current calendar year).

Teams, Rosters, Team Entry

Unlike the senior division, entry to this division is by team not by individual.

Seven players on the field (6 field players and a goalie).

Maximum of 3 male field players on field.

Goalkeeper can be any gender.

Rosters can be a maximum size of 16 players, with opportunities for “guest” players.

Adding/Changing Roster – this is permitted. Additions and changes must be submitted to league, new players must complete registration before being allowed to play.

Game Rules

7 a-side (maximum of three outfield males on field).

Goalkeeper can be any gender.

Game card should be presented to referees by each team prior to kick-off.

Team can begin game with as few as 5 players.

Players arriving after kick-off must check in with referee before entering field of play.

Players will be required to wear shin guards.

Standard rules with following variations:

No offside

Goalkeepers CANNOT punt or drop kick

No SLIDE TACKLING, sliding to reach a ball when no other players are at risk is permitted

The senior league female rule does not apply to open division

Game Length

30-minute halves, 5-minute half time.

Referees can delay game at their discretion but can start clock at designated kick-off time if they choose.

Referee can stop the clock at their discretion.


One referee will be assigned for each game.


Proposed locations include North & South Valley regional parks. Additional/alternative locations might be required.


May to August, exact dates to be determined

Projected 12 to 15 game season.

Projected to register 8 teams for first season but will go forward with a minimum of 4 teams.

Game Night

Tuesday evenings is the proposed game night, kick-offs occurring in the 6pm to 7pm window.


A team manager will be required to register a team.

Individual players must register (for insurance purposes) before they can play.

Guest players (even if they are only playing once) must also register to be allowed to play.


Team fee - $1600 for season, $1500 if paid before May 1st.

Payment in full required before first game.

Guest Players – a teams can purchase up to additional 4 optional “guest passes” for $10 each (?)

Fees could be adjusted if length of season has to be adjusted.


Teams will be expected to provide their own uniforms. Each team would be expected to have an alternative color available when clashes occur. The team listed as home would be expected to change.

Game Cards

League will provide a game card each week to team captain(s).

Must be presented to the referee before kick-off for check in.

Guest players must be added to a team’s game card for each game.


Goals – type and size of goal may vary from location to location. Ultimately the league will provide a consistent size of goal at all locations, but this will hinge on league resources.

Corner flags – will be acquired as resources permit

It may be necessary for teams to erect and take down goals on each game day.